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B is for (Pierre) Bonnard: Sketching and still life

For our second “A is for Artist” installment, we fieldtripped over to the PMA to learn about Post Impressionist painter and printmaker Pierre Bonnard. But first, we attended the very important business of splashing in giant puddles. The PMA houses … Continue reading

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A Kindergarten Moment

I’m not sure I really know how we got here. Because just a second ago, he looked like this… And it doesn’t even feel like it’s been that long since this… Kindergarten, y’all. It’s big. Really big. Up until this … Continue reading

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Our Trip to Maymont

Our trip to Maymont deserves its own post because we had such a blast. We fed the animals, of course! Take a look at these guys from our visit last year: compared with this year: No, seriously. Can you even … Continue reading

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Flight of Time

I remember thinking in high school that time just took forever. That even 5th period history, where I fell asleep basically every day from 1:10 until about 1:35 pm (sorry, Coach Bright!), seemed like a million years long in and … Continue reading

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Grateful #3 and a Penn Alexander Update

Um…it’s been quite a week. To summarize: The Line for kindergarten registration began a little before 11am on Friday. FOUR DAYS before kindergarten registration began. I basically threw Elijah and Remy at our very helpful and accommodating neighbor (too cold … Continue reading

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