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4 Responses to About

  1. Rhona Arenstein says:

    so sorry i missed you all at Thanksgiving…the girls were in and we were very active seeing family!!
    The pics of the kids are so cute! I am glad you are doing so well!! tell me please…
    some pics show Remy in pink with flower on head and some in blue…such a beautiful face…
    boy or girl…could be either at this stage??
    all my love and good wishes!

  2. AJ Goodwin says:

    Hi Marni,
    My name is AJ Goodwin, co-founder of WaterfallMusic.com and the new WaterfallMall.com and I also volunteer with Spirit of the Environment, San Diego, a non-profit since 1986, and down in the parks for over 20 years. We sell environmental t-shirts and the like down at La Jolla Cove and around in San Diego area and have shirts that say, “Save our Oceans-Protect Marine Ecology, Protect our Oceans and their Inhabitants”

    You wrote a post back around the Earth Day about “8 Ways to Save our Oceans” and the info you have written is wonderful…the way we like to speak to our customers about many things but the oceans seem to be the most important conversation that we have daily.

    Question…May we print this info with a few changes so we may pass out to the thousands of people we speak to. we would keep your info at the bottom so you may get credit and when it goes out electronically, people can click on your link to always find out more about you and your posts.

    We want to help raise the consciousness of as many people as possible and your writing is well said.

    Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

    AJ Goodwin/Co-founder

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