The rest of the summer

Summer’s over, so I have to put up these pictures now, or I’ll never do it. Without further ado….

The Cape

Elijah was obsessed with digging. Every. single. day.DSC_0920




Remy kept saying, “Are you going to dig all the way to Chinatown, Elijah?” I’m not sure if she thinks that is farther away than the actual country of China…DSC_0926DSC_0941

Doing a nature scavenger hunt. Miss Thang loves having a clipboard (and telling people, especially her brother, what to do).DSC_0947DSC_0963

We had a lot of fun visiting with friends and exploring the tidal pools.
DSC_0976Check out my tiny crab friend…


Can you even believe these tiny shells?

We stopped in Wilkes-Barre on the way home and then went to Knoebel’s, an amusement park. You can even bring dogs there! It was really hot and there were a million people there (as well as quite a few whiny children, including ours), but we had ice cream at the end, so that saved the day 🙂DSC_0028

And Izzy was there, and she just makes everything better.DSC_0031

Home, sweet home….DSC_0037_1024

We continued our adventuring around PhillyDSC_0043_1024thumb_DSC_0099_1024

and had some friends come for a visit (although getting everyone to look in the same direction proved challenging).thumb_DSC_0104_1024

And then off to Family Camp at Camp Friendship. It’s a really great way for kids to get the sleep away camp experience, but still be with their parents. It’s also a great way for parents to get to hang out, not cook or work, and do archery, play tennis, and go zip lining.

It was really fun to see the kids get out of their comfort zones and try new things.thumb_DSC_0122_1024thumb_DSC_0144_1024thumb_DSC_0158_1024thumb_DSC_0169_1024thumb_DSC_0165_1024thumb_DSC_0190_1024

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1 Response to The rest of the summer

  1. Vinh N says:

    Adorable kids and photos. I love this quote so much :”It was really fun to see the kids get out of their comfort zones and try new things.” Thank you for sharing 🙂

    Check out my latest post here

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