Road to Cape photo dump


Holy crap, where did the summer go? I mean, my kids still have like a month left of their 13 week summer vacay, but still, it’s sort of flown by. We’re headed out to Richmond and (heaven help me) family camp, but here are some pics from our annual Cape trip.

We took our typical route up to the Cape, stopping in Hawley first for some pierogies, baby cuddles, and cousin time.DSC_0734

Look at baby Izzy and her mommy (more specifically, look at Izzy’s tongue. She is so very yummy).


DSC_0749DSC_0741Such a good big sis!DSC_0755DSC_0762DSC_0768Jam session for baby Izzy.DSC_0775DSC_0778

My doggie love, my spirit animal, my daemon (a la His Dark Materials books)…but don’t be fooled: he is actually a vicious beast.

All the activity tired Miss Izzy out…DSC_0782 Then on to Boston….First up: Hingham. It was low, low tide, so we walked out to the raft through deliciously yucky muddy sand, with lots of interesting little sea creatures.DSC_0797DSC_0800DSC_0808DSC_0805Then we relaxed and played on the sand, already settling into vacation mode.DSC_0814DSC_0816Is there something on my face?DSC_0817The next day we trooped into the city.DSC_0841

At the Harvard Museum of Natural History. It was awesome-the glass flower exhibit is absolutely breathtaking, and photos just don’t do it justice. All of us kept going, “I can’t believe these are made out of glass.” Seriously mindblowing. We also enjoyed looking at the rocks and geodes and trying to find examples in every color. Nature, man. That’s some good stuff.DSC_0825 DSC_0835The folks at Harvard also figured out the ultimate low-tech playground/entertainment system for kids (I guess there are supposed to be smart people there or something?). Elijah and Remy spent a LOT of time just jumping from rock to rock, pretending to escape from lava or water.

They also (nerd alert!) had a giant chess set by the food trucks.


We went to the LEGO discovery center in the afternoon, which the kids (especially Elijah) loved. They had a ninja training sim that he probably did 8 million times. This is what he looked like by dinnertime:

DSC_0884No one ever said being a ninja was easy. He rallied for ice cream though…DSC_0887Remy’s favorite part was the karaoke area. I could lie and say she had to strong arm me into performing a variety of pop hits, but I was happy to use the otherwise useless (but very large) part of my brain that is consumed with teeny bopper, Top 40 radio.DSC_0853We went out to dinner with this girl (now a big sis) and her parents, also in Assembly Row.DSC_0880It’s a totally weird part of Boston-like someone dropped a piece of suburbia there. But along with the LEGO place, there was a great little playground and several yummy restaurants. Finally, we headed home to Auntie Jenny’s to play with the cats and get ready for the Cape. This post is looooong, so I’ll put the actual Cape pics in another post!


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