Jersey Boy: A day trip to Collingswood

DSC_0240Elijah’s school ended in early June, while Remy finished a few weeks later. It’s pretty rare that Elijah gets Mommy time all to himself, so I told him we could take some day trips while Remy was at school. His main requests were to take the subway all the way west to 69th street and then to take the “PATCO to somewhere in New Jersey”. Our first trip to 69th street took place on a boiling hot day, but we found an awesome Asian supermarket that I probably would otherwise have never known existed (and I got a bi bim bop-type bowl with mushrooms and seaweed that was the size of my head)!

I had been to Collingswood before a few years ago with some friends, and I thought it was a cute little town so Elijah and I took the PATCO over and explored. We found literally the best children’s toy and game store ever: Extraordinary ED. They promised that nothing they sell there needs a battery or to be plugged in; they had a ton of games we had never seen before, including Pyramix, which really spoke to Elijah’s Egypt love. It was hard not to buy everything in there!


We did also buy a set of story cubes. Basically, they are what they sound like: a set of cubes/dice that have little pictures on every side. You roll them and make up a story using the images. I thought they would be a good little speech therapy game for Remy, but, as you can see, Elijah loves them too, and they have helped keep all of us occupied while eating out as well.DSC_0258

Collingswood is a really manageable town. Not everything was open right when we got there around 10am, but there was enough to see that we weren’t at all bored. DSC_0252


One of the places that was closed was a taxidermist. I’m not sure if I am sad or happy we couldn’t go in; Elijah got his fill by looking in the window.

We also stopped at My Little Kupcake, and Elijah picked out a decorated cookie to share with Remy when we got back to West Philly. They had vegan and gluten-free cupcakes and cookies and parfait-type things among their offerings. I got a gluten-free flourless chocolate cookie sandwich with cannoli-filling. It was so rich and yummy; I ate it over the course of 3 sittings (which if you know me and my sweet tooth is pretty incredible). That place would be dangerous if we lived nearby!DSC_0262

We found a really cool art store with a crazy collection of international artisans represented: everything from jewelry to boxes to puppets to paintings to skeleton cups.

We finished our outing with Elijah’s favorite type of lunch (sushi). I think he liked it.:) DSC_0266

Then we jumped back on the PATCO, switched to the blue line, and were back in time to pick up Remy.

Sometimes I talk myself (and the family) out of taking outings and adventures that aren’t among our usual places and activities; they can seem like a lot of work for a short amount of time, and I never know if the kids are going to like them until we actually get there! Collingswood was super easy (and fast) to get to, just a small jump out of our daily activities comfort zone, and a perfect day trip for my transportation-loving Elijah.

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