B is for (Pierre) Bonnard: Sketching and still life

For our second “A is for Artist” installment, we fieldtripped over to the PMA to learn about Post Impressionist painter and printmaker Pierre Bonnard.DSC_0277

But first, we attended the very important business of splashing in giant puddles.DSC_0276

The PMA houses a lovely little room with several Bonnards (as well as a few Vuillards). We hunkered down with our sketching paper and colored pencils and got started. I don’t think I ever would have thought it was kosher to just sit down on the floor and sketch at the PMA, but we did it every week in Remy’s art class and no one objected to it then or the day we went either.DSC_0280DSC_0279

While we were there, Elijah looked over and asked, “Are you good at drawing?”

I answered him honestly. “No. But I still like doing it.” His school has been instrumental in helping him learn to experiment and create without fear of what what the final product will look like. It’s such a good lesson to learn early on when it comes to art, don’t you think? What used to be a stressful and frustrating activity (“WHY doesn’t it look the way I want it to look?”) has become a much easier outlet for expression.DSC_0555The kids really connected to the still life paintings they saw, so I knew they would love creating their own. We went to Whole Foods and bought a bouquet and a bunch of different types of fruit.DSC_0557

I let them choose what vase or container they wanted to use as well as the fruit and flowers and told them they could arrange things as they pleased.DSC_0565Then they began sketching. Impressively, they waited until they were almost done before they started eating their still life.


DSC_0567And voila!

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