2 Ingredient Chocolate Mousse and a Trip to the Zoo with Remy Roo


This was not supposed to be a post about 2 ingredient chocolate mousse. I actually set out to make an ombre rose Mother’s Day cake as an Inhabitots post with 2 ingredient chocolate frosting. This is what my cake batter looked like before going in the oven:DSC_1217

I was definitely thinking, “Oh this whole ombre thing isn’t so hard; I should do it all the time. Lalala, I can’t wait to see how my pretty pink cakes turn out.” Well, this is how they turned out:DSC_1234WTH?? It’s like the heat of the oven ATE my all natural (very expensive) food coloring. I’m sure there’s a perfectly good reason WHY the cakes lost their color, but I don’t know it, because I only took chemistry in college because I had to in order to graduate, and I literally fell asleep in every single lecture I attended (which was not that many. It was a 9am class! I was a senior!). Ironically, Joe was a chem major, which just goes to show that opposites attract.

Needless to say, I had to scrap the Mother’s Day post, but I still felt like making something, so I made 2 ingredient chocolate mousse. I got the idea from another blog, although she uses almond milk, and I prefer the creamy lusciousness of straight up coconut milk. It’s so easy and awesome and rich and decadent. And versatile: just add a little more (a few Ttbsp) coconut milk than what I am recommending here and it makes a delicious frosting! I added some rosewater as well. You could add any flavor extract you like (mint would probably be really yummy)!
DSC_1219Here’s what you need:
10 oz chocolate chips (use dark and pretend like you are making the healthy choice!)
1 1/2 cups coconut milk


Melt the chocolate chips in a double boiler, swirling until smooth and melted through. While the chocolate is melting, prepare a large bowl with ice. The bowl needs to be big enough to fit the container with the melted chocolate. Add the coconut milk to the melted chocolate and swirl some more to mix. Place that bowl into the bowl filled with ice.DSC_1223Blend away using a handheld mixer. Beat until the mixture firms up and becomes creamy. It will firm up in the fridge as well, but you don’t want it to be too loose. I blended it for about 4 minutes until it looked like this:

Scoop or spoon the mousse into individual containers, cover, and chill in the fridge for at least a few hours (but they’ll stay good for several days). Makes 8-10 delicious servings. Top with coconut whipped cream, candied flowers, coconut, chocolate shavings, cinnamon, etc. DSC_1233

And here’s a little glimpse into our most recent trip to the zoo.


My favorite small mammal in front of the small mammal house.DSC_1204
I let Remy borrow a camera for this trip. She took approximately 1,000 photos. Here she is freaking out over a tiny cat of some sort. I know it’s probably a vicious beast that could tear our heads off, but it was so small and cute and looked just like a house cat.DSC_1209 2

One of the coolest exhibits at the zoo just opened: it’s called Junk Rethunk. The artists mostly work with recycled materials. This crocodile (or is it an alligator? I always forget the difference) is made out of gum. The artist’s statement reflected that the artist (some Italian dude) prefers working with warm gum, so apparently being a chewing gum artist is a real thing. Seriously, though, look at the freaking detail!


I loved this guy too. The gorilla area is always amazing and kind of freaky to me. When they look you in the eyes, I just want to shout, “We share like 97% of the same DNA!!” DSC_1166

The flowers were blooming everywhere while we were there. So beautiful! It was a lovely day with a lovely girl. I swear, doing practically anything with Remy is so. much. fun. It is such a gift to be around someone who just lights up the world simply by traipsing through it. Now, go make some 2 ingredient chocolate mousse and have a lovely Mother’s Day!DSC_1187DSC_1163DSC_1170

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