Spring Break 2015: The Cliff’s Notes Version


Obviously, I’ve been a little lazy on the old bloggy blog lately. And that it unlikely to change. But here are some highlights from our recent Spring Break adventures:



I headed to NYC on a Friday for some bridal shower/bachelorette action. We ate dinner at a yummy place in the West Village (Piadino) and then celebrated Miss Aliza at her friend’s totally gorgeous loft with one of the yummiest cakes ever (it was basically rose-flavored whipped cream and custardy goodness), Vosges chocolates, and some amazing, beautiful treats from the hostess’s sister, who owns a customized cookies/dipped berries/cake pops business. How cool are they??


In the morning, we went to the Hudson Valley and stayed at a B & B in Cold Spring. What a cute little town with some really sweet stores including loads of places to buy antiques. It was a lovely, languid, relaxing weekend with some of Aliza’s besties.


On Sunday morning, I went back to NYC to meet up with my little family. We ate a totally random and super delicious Greek place (Dafne’s? It’s the unassuming and super yummy place across from the Port Authority terminal), and then went to see Aladdin. Aladdin was such a great introduction to Broadway: super kid-friendly, visually stunning, much funnier than the movie version, etc. I feel so so very fortunate to be able to bear witness to so many of my children’s “firsts”. I remember going to see Starlight Express when I was around E’s age, and it was just awesome.


We stayed in Times Square, which is something I have avoided like the plague my entire life, but with kids, it totally makes sense. Just looking out the window of our hotel was endlessly entertaining.


It’s also close to the M & M store (Remy’s favorite part of the entire vacation) and the giant Toys R Us with the ferris wheel inside it (which Remy and Joe rode).


The next morning we met Aliza and went to the much anticipated Museum of Natural History. Our kids have watched Night at the Museum a million times, and they were a little disappointed that the museum didn’t have EVERYTHING that was in the movie (and E was pretty bummed that they didn’t have any Egyptian stuff). They did like the African mammals and of course, the giant hanging whale, which is really cool.


Per Auntie Lizie’s magical connections, we then went to the Met, which did, in fact, house LOTS of cool Egyptian artifacts, including sarcophagi, pottery, and more hieroglyphics than you can shake a stick at. After a much needed midday rest at Auntie Lizie and Rich’s apartment, we took the subway downtown to Chinatown in search of the perfect fan (on Remy’s wish list for months) and our favorite vegan dim sum. Below is Elijah’s fish market dance.


Back in Philly, we hung out, went to the mini golf course at Franklin Square and over to Joe’s favorite place in Philly for kids-Smith Playground. I am pretty sure my kids would be here every day if Joe was the primary caregiver in our family 🙂 It was a nice, warm day (one of the first this “spring”) so people were out in droves.


On Saturday, we went out the mountain to meet our new niece/cousin Baby Izzy! She is such a sweetheart and a super cozy, chill baby. Nana set up an Easter egg hunt as well as egg dyeing for the kids, both of which were big hits. Those lucky ducks had a second Easter egg hunt on Sunday with some more of out favorite relatives before we came back home and returned to the real world.




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