New beginnings and old friends

Elijah and Remy went back at school on Wednesday:

And while Remy was totally ready (she started saying in late July, “I a little bit miss my friends and my teachers.”),

DSC_0353Elijah was pretty anxious. Although he loved school last year and made some wonderful friends (many of whom will be in the same class with him this year), the newness, the change to being in “the big school”, the anticipation of it all had him worried (especially before bedtime) for several weeks leading up to school. Once he got there, the excitement took over, and he told me at pick-up he had “a really great first day.”

Joe and I told him that it was normal to be nervous on the first day, and I vividly remember the feeling of butterflies-in-the-belly every year (or at least until the last few years of high school, when that cacophony of excitement, nerves, and wondering about the year was replaced with “how many more days until I leave for college?”).

I have written on several occasions about how lucky I am to have such close friends from childhood, friends who I went to school with for many years and grew up with, in every sense of the word. On our most recent, late summer trip to Richmond, this luck was confirmed yet again as we embarked on a friend-cation of sorts. On Friday night, the adults went out to dinner at The Savory Grain. The food was delicious, but the company was even better. I think it’s truly awesome that not only do we still like each other all these years, but we all have found spouses who everyone likes and gets along with as well! And these ladies are among the most supportive and humorous around-I know we are always in for a night of laughs when we get together.

On Saturday, we brought the kids into the mix with a trip to Chile’s peach orchard near Charlottesville followed by a trip to a nearby winery. The weather drizzled throughout the day, but we all had a great time hanging out, running and playing chase like crazies, visiting horses, relaxing…


wine and pacis: the essentials of parenting

wine and pacis: the essentials of parenting

We learned lots about new babies, courtesy of our newest friend.

We learned lots about new babies, courtesy of our newest friend.


and watching the next generation of friends developing. FYI-King’s Family Vineyard has a beautiful tasting room, and the grounds are AWESOME for kids. There is sooooo much space for them to run around and play-it was the perfect place to spend the afternoon.

That evening we continued our “visiting” (as one hubby called it) with dinner at Sara’s beautiful home. They have a ball pit in their basement! Although our attempt to get all the kids together for a pic didn’t quite work out (There were 11 kids! I don’t know what we were thinking!),

the kids loved exploring and playing together:


DSC_0116 2I wish for all of our children to have friendships like these, that allow them to grow, change, evolve, remember the past, and celebrate the present. Thanks for a great weekend, gals–and your hubbies and kids!

And a few more pics from the rest of our trip to Richmond and the last gasp of summer:


What IS this gorgeous flower?

What IS this gorgeous flower?


Hope you have a wonderful start to September!


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