Love for Beantown: Leg 2 of the Cape

DSC_0645 Boston is the reason I’m here. Truly. My parents met while working at Boston Children’s. My oldest sister was born there and has lived her entire adult life there. We all attended pre-college programs at Tufts, and Jen went there for college. We’ve pahked the cah in Hahvahd Yahd and all that. Boston is in our blood.

I won’t say that Boston feels like home (I can’t handle the winters), but it feels pretty close. I have been snowed in there unexpectedly for days during visits, watching the precipitation pile up outside my sister’s home or trekking to the nearest T stop knee-high in snow. And the fall in Boston is poetically beautiful with leaves bursting in spectacular colors, the Head of the Charles, and the kind of crisp weather that really just feels like autumn.

Summer is really how I envision Boston the most since I spent two summers there (incidentally one of the best summers and one of the worst summers of my young adulthood). We always stop there en route to Cape Cod, and I always wish we could linger a little longer: catch some music at the hat shell, tool around the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, grab some home fries at Sound Bites.

The T can be hot, stinky, and overcrowded. But there’s nothing like that feeling when you cross the Charles and the light makes the water into shimmering pailletes. Boston is such as big and diverse city, but it still manages its to preserve its niches and corners. And of course, there’s always a bit of Boston’s tough veneer, which gives the town and edge. This town does not back down. Boston Strong, y’all. DSC_0552 And so we continue on with our journey. The kids were troopers on the way to Auntie Jenny’s. Once there we ran around the South Shore Mall, played with Auntie Jenny’s cats, ran around in the backyard (Joe got stung by a flying insect of some sort sadly) and conducted various races. The hilarity of watching children “race” each other by doing side shuffling or seeing them attempt jumping jacks is probably reason enough to become a parent. After some yummy Thai take-out, we cozied in for the night.DSC_0561 DSC_0560 The next day, we headed in on the Red Line to the Boston Children’s Museum, always a favorite. I am so impressed by the museum’s ability to continue creating such high quality temporary exhibits. DSC_0570 Their permanent rooms are great (as is the three floor climbing structure/maze that Elijah has loved for years), but each year they inevitably have a new large exhibit that is stunning. This year it was all about music. There were instruments to play, karaoke, a dance video, and all sorts of interesting factoids sprinkled about. DSC_0590


DSC_0584One of their most beloved permanent exhibits is “Boston Black”, which features African-American history in cool multi-media displays as well as books, a barbershop, and a fun Carnival bus.

DSC_0604 IMG_1652This is from Elijah’s first visit there, where he spent about an hour in the Caribbean grocery store, taking things on and off the shelves. Please excuse the lump in my throat as I look at this sweet little munchkin. DSC_0614 DSC_0618 Remy and Elijah had never been to Boston Commons and the swan boats, so we headed over there next. After stopping like tourists for overpriced lemonade and then lunching like locals at Falafel King, we came upon the Frog Pond. The kids LOVED it: what a wonderful FREE use of community greenspace. (There was also a really neat, totally packed jungle gym right next to it). DSC_0628 Remy could have stayed there for hours. DSC_0631 We made it to the swan boats and had a lovely, relaxing ride around. DSC_0641But no rest for the weary! We only had one full day in Boston, so we T-ed over to Harvard Square, sugared up at L.A. Burdick’s (their iced dark chocolate does NOT mess around) DSC_0664and then hung out on Harvard’s campus where we created probably the greatest game ever. Basically, it involved pointing to a tree, chair, or other object and telling Elijah and Remy to run as fast as possible to it and back. For some reason, the kids loved it and thought it was hysterical. If only parenting was always so easy! DSC_0665DSC_0668 2 It kept them occupied for an hour while the old fogeys rested in the chairs Harvard had set up around their green (thanks, Harvard!). After a short visit with Uncle Sujit and dinner at Veggie Planet, we returned to Auntie Jenny’s and collapsed before our final hop over to Hyannis.

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