And we’re off! Cape Cod, Leg 1

We just returned from our long awaited yearly pilgrimage to Cape Cod. Joe took the entire departure day off, which meant we got to spend more time with beloved cousin Ella and hang out in Hawley and have our yearly Lake Wallenpaupack cook-out.


Instead of taking our regular route to Hawley, we tried a different one which resulted in the best pit stop of all time: Vegan Treats. For those of you unaware, Vegan Treats was the shining beacon of vegan baked goods way back in the day. The company, which is in Bethlehem, was a one woman show for a while, and back when Joe and I first started dating, we would go to Gianna’s Grille and have vegan cheesesteaks and Vegan Treats. Ohhh, their lemon and lime cake. When I lived in New York, there was a little cafe that would get Vegan Treats deliveries every Tuesday night. Many times after a loooong day at my two jobs, I would head over there and pick up some goodies for Aliza and I to inhale that night.

DSC_0526Look at the pretty food! The third row is all gluten-free. Mango cheesecake and tiramisu-yes, please!


In general, I don’t even eat cookies very often. But I got a butterscotch one here. Because I could!DSC_0533Doughnuts make this man happy. The Vegan Treats stop lasted all of 10 minutes, but I am devoting substantial space to it because it was a delicious way to start our road trip. Now, on to Hawley!


The Clabaughs got bunnies. Sadly, they are destined to become dinner at some point for Steve, but for now, let’s revel in their cuteness.


Or do ninja moves to protect them.

DSC_0543After visiting with the bunnies and chickens, we went down to the lake.

IMG_0045The water was a little on the chilly side, so we didn’t last too long. Everyone was happy to play and build and dig in the sand.
IMG_0022IMG_0030IMG_0035After a yummy dinner courtesy of Pop’s cook-out skills and Mandy’s always yummy picnic dishes, we headed back to Aunt Mandy’s for our Vegan Treats (as well as some gluten-free cupcakes from a bakery in Wilkes-Barre!) and some R & R before our long-ish trek to Beantown.


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