It Rained On Our Parade…

And everyone still had a blast! Last year for July 4th, we spent the morning at the National Museum of Jewish History and then went to Franklin Fountain, one of our very favorite ice cream stops in a city full of delicious treats (Capogiro! Lil Baby’s! Hip City Veg Banana Whip Shakes!). This year because it was rainy, and we had kind of a lazy morning, we just headed straight for Franklin Fountain.


We needed to fuel up for the intense parade-watching that was about to occur…
DSC_0429Then it was time for the parade! The kids were pretty much riveted for the entire 2 hours. And no one complained for even a second about the rain (which qualifies as a miracle).

DSC_0458Joe Biden was there. But I didn’t get any good pics of him, so here’s one of his very cool car. You can see all the secret service/snipery people reflected. It was kind of insane-they drove down the street verrrrry slowly while he walked along and kept the door open in case he needed to duck for cover. Yikes. Anyways, for those inquiring minds who want to know, he got some chocolate chip ice cream from Franklin Fountain to go.
DSC_0490Remy’s high of the parade: getting a high five from McGruff
DSC_0482Joe’s low of the parade: NOT getting a high five from the Tastycakes Butterscotch Crimpet
DSC_0465I have no idea who this group was, but there were many members and they had the spangliest outfits I have ever seen. I want their boots with bells on them.
DSC_0498Lots of fun drumlines!
DSC_0496Little Mummers fan
DSC_0452 2DSC_0480Thanks Philly and Franklin Fountain for a fun, 4th of July tradition!


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