Back to Disney: Part 2

Since it is impossible for anyone to get sick of these faces


(this is not from Disney, this is after I served them salad for breakfast as an April Fool’s Day joke), here are some more pics from our Disney adventure. Nini and Pawpaw arrived and we went on a fun dessert excursion to the Polynesian (more Dole Whip!) before heading in for the night.

We ventured back into the Magic Kingdom in the morning and hit the ground sort of running. We went on Pirates of the Caribbean (twice), It’s a Small World, the Haunted Mansion, the Little Mermaid ride (again), the Tomorrowland Speedway, and the people mover. One of the biggest differences in this trip to Disney was how many rides/shows/etc we went to. I feel like last time in the Magic Kingdom we went on It’s a Small World. And that was about it.

Evidence of fun:

The weather was warm enough to go swimming so Joe and the kids and I took advantage of the Bay Lake pool! Yay for Florida! After a brief respite,
DSC_0710because even princesses need a rest, we went to Downtown Disney for dinner and stopped at the LEGO store for some desperately important Star Wars building sets.


We were dealt a crushing culinary blow: the Orlando outpost of vegan, gluten-free haven Babycakes NYC closed their retail location about a week before we got there. Womp Womp…Dreams of gluten-free donuts, cupcakes, and the like disappeared as I buried my sorrows in a large bowl of guacamole at Paradiso 37.

A note for all vegans and vegetarians going to Disney: there were some really great options this time. Lots more delicious salads basically everywhere, vegan beef (!) and veggie sushi at the Seasons food court type-place in The Land part of Epcot, vegan chicken at the Coral Reef restaurant, tofutti ice cream on Main Street, veggie burgers at Ray’s Cosmic something or other in Tomorrowland, hummus options available everywhere, a super delicious vegan veggie curry in the Africa part of the Animal Kingdom, and even a gluten-free kiosk in the Animal Kingdom that served Babycakes NYC mini cupcakes and goodies. Several of us got the veggie option at the hibachi place in Epcot, and the portion was actually really plentiful. End of vegan/veggie aside.

The next morning was the character breakfast, definitely a highlight since the kiddos were so excited.


Some type of weird celebration napkin-twirling thing that happened during breakfast...

Some type of weird celebration napkin-twirling thing that happened during breakfast…

Remy really got into it

Remy really got into it

Bellies full, we met up with our favorite Orlando residents. Maya and Remy were roommates in Ethiopia and were born 2 weeks apart. We were thrilled to meet their little one Tadesse, who is as sweet and juicy as they come!


We have very few pictures of our last trip to the parks (Epcot) because it was literally a monsoon for the majority of the afternoon. We passed the time by going on the Finding Nemo ride three times, watching Captain EO (which I did not remember as being so stupendously weird), and going on other rides that allowed us to remain indoors, including Figment (one of my mom’s faves). Both kids loved the imagination station (or whatever it’s called), and they created their own digital dragons and spend waaay longer than I thought possible jumping from one colored square to another to make different instruments play.

It was such a lovely family vacation: thanks to everyone who joined us in person and in spirit there!



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