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Our first trip to Disney World with the kids was almost exactly two years ago. This year we really needed some sunshine and warmth and were so grateful to be able to get away for Elijah’s spring break. Although Elijah and Remy both had a great time on our last Disney vacation, they loved it even more this time. Elijah had been looking forward to making his own light saber for months, and Remy was anticipating seeing her favorite Disney characters, as opposed to our last visit when Goofy totally freaked her out.

IMG_5612 Oh, how times have changed.



Minnie has entered the building

Can't. Handle. The Excitement.

Can’t. Handle. The Excitement.

"How's my hair?"

“How’s my hair?”



There are too many photos for one post, so I’ll divide them into two. We were lucky to have several members of both the Teel/Borowski/Clabaugh/Fogelson crew join us, so I’ll begin with the first few days of our vacation.

Pre-vacation fun in the airport.

Pre-vacation fun in the airport.

We headed into the Magic Kingdom almost immediately so we could meet Joe’s family. We hit up the Jungle Cruise (and then were thrilled to have Dole Whips given to us by Mandy and Cathy) and then went on Aladdin’s Magic Carpet Ride. Joe is definitely going to have to be the one to teach Remy how to drive, because she was in control of the magic carpet and totally cray cray.


Don't let those sweet faces fool you. They gave us the ride of our lives.

Don’t let those sweet faces fool you. They gave us the ride of our lives.

DSC_0458 We then met some princesses and watched our first of many 3-D shows. Remy was so excited to meet “Cinderelly”. We stayed at Bay Lake Towers, part of the Contemporary Resort, and we had a great view of Cinderella’s castle from the walkway adjoining the buildings. Almost every time we went across, Remy asked me to hold her up. And every time, she’d say, “There’s Cinderelly’s castle”. Then she’d look at me with her big eyes and say, “Maybe she’s dancing with her prince.” I later found out that Disney keeps some of its financial/accounting offices in the castle, but I chose not to share that decidedly unromantic fact with the Roo.


Family photo attempt

Family photo attempt

Nana and her grandkids

Nana and her grandkids

We finished off our day with some strolling along Main Street and eating sundaes. (Did you know they have Tofutti at some of the ice cream places???!)

DSC_0516 We couldn’t wait to get started on day 2, which we began at Hollywood Studios with Muppet Vision.

Remy and I hung out at the Honey, I Shrunk the Kids playground, which my family had loved as well when we were kids. The others tackled Star Tours.

Then, it was time for the most important decision of Elijah Verde Teel’s young life: “Which light saber should I make?”

"Is it my turn yet?"

“Is it my turn yet?”


"Did I choose wisely?"

“Did I choose wisely?”

I will not begin to try and tell you whose light saber he ended up choosing. I always more a fan of Princess Leia and her awesome hairstyles, but if you ask Elijah you can get a detailed description of the difference in light sabers. After the Beauty and the Beast show and some food, my kiddos were ready for some R&R, baths, and light saber battles, so we went back while the big kids tackled the roller coasters.

He was so proud of his light-saber wielding skills.

He was so proud of his light-saber wielding skills.

We went over to Epcot for dinner. I don’t have any pictures of our yummy hibachi dinner because I was too busy grabbing bowls of rice mid-air when one of my children kept bumping them with his elbow and trying to contain the hot mess of dipping sauces that Remy spilled all over (and I mean all over, like even in the straw in her water glass) herself when she attempted to “do like Mommy did”.

DSC_0606 It’s never too early for a light saber battle. After a few intense rounds, we headed over to the Animal Kingdom Park.

"Carving" in the tree of life

“Carving” in the tree of life




Hello, you!

Hello, you!

We went to my new favorite musical, Finding Nemo. I was surprised at how beautiful it was: the costumes were amazing as were the sets (even for a Broadway snob like me). Afterwards, I took the little ones to the Dinosaur area, with lots of slides and things to climb on, as well as a boneyard. The boneyard was a very popular place: there were dozens of overstimulated kids, just scooping and dumping the “sand” while their overstimulated parents just sat there idly stroking the sand.
DSC_0670DSC_0669Our kids were starting to drag at this point, so we said our goodbyes to the Borowski/Clabaugh crew, and went back to for (wait for it) more light saber battles…and the arrival of Nini and Pawpaw. To be continued…


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