News from the Polar Vortex

I’m going to complain, but just a little. I don’t want it to be like this,


when we first moved to Philly and it was over a hundred degrees for about a week and our AC was wonky and dripping out of our attic and  a GIANT tree had fallen across our backyard and Remy wasn’t even born yet and all we could do was water play and hang out in our undies (well, some of us at least).

But, I do wish it was just a teeny, tiny, little bit warmer.

The best thing I have found to fight the chill is to just keep moving. And so we have-here are some pics of our fun and outings from the past few weeks:

Night time snowmen-building sessions

Night time snowmen-building sessions

The Roo's first ballet class!

The Roo’s first ballet class!


More. snow. Yup! Snow!

What has been left out of the above images is the mass quantity of hot chocolate we have been consuming, as well as the piles and piles of books we have been reading and rereading. And we have had a movie night or two. After years of thinking they were too young/too easily scared, it is so fun to finally share our love of movies with our kids. Cinderella, Robin Hood, Willy Wonka, etc…I love hearing them sing the songs, design costumes and props and plays based on the movies, and simply ask questions like, “You would definitely get a cavity if you ate all the chocolate at Willy Wonka’s factory, right?” and “Did they know that it was bad to eat that much candy back then?”

Sometimes before bed, after we read and before we do “talk about stuff” (which is consistently one of my favorite parts of any day), I will do a guided meditation for Elijah. I try every year to make meditation a part of my daily life, and while several days often slip by in between sessions, I think the habit is forming (thanks, mostly to Sharon Salzberg!) So, while it is still quite cold outside, these are a few images I am keeping in mind when I lead Elijah (or myself) to snoozeville.


Think warm. xoxox

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