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News from the Polar Vortex

I’m going to complain, but just a little. I don’t want it to be like this, when we first moved to Philly and it was over a hundred degrees for about a week and our AC was wonky and dripping … Continue reading

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Kindergarten Book Club: A Few of Our Favorite Chapter Book Series

I have probably spent more on books for my children than on anything else (definitely more than clothes, possibly more than food). They LOVE to read, and I do too. We read in the morning before school and every night … Continue reading

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Ghost peppers, or thoughts on legacy and loss

Ghost peppers are among the hottest on the planet, rated 400 times hotter than Tabasco sauce. Plans have been made to use them for combative purposes such as hand grenades and pepper spray. My cousin, or rather the husband of … Continue reading

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5 (or 6 or Thousands of) Things and People that Renewed My Faith in Humanity This Year

In no particular order: 1. Batkid in San Francisco This was one of the highlights of my entire year. Seriously. I tear up just thinking about how an entire freaking city came together to make this child’s wish come true. … Continue reading

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