Thanksgivukkah Break Photo Dump

IMG_1016Ahh Thanksgiving! A whole week in Richmond and then still the good part of a weekend back in Philly. Lots of snuggling, food, and family: perfection. Here’s a look back at Thanksgivukkah 2013:

DSC_0372I’m sure this photo had a rational explanation, but who needs it? Remy has a stuffed bird perched on her shoulder.DSC_0461Working on his Chanukkah lego set….DSC_0464DSC_0468Working it….DSC_0435DSC_0438Recreating Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory with beads, suitcases, wrapping paper, and steps (the kind that were used in 90s fitness classes)DSC_0421Hanging out with our favorite aunties!DSC_0442We are all looking at the camera! It’s a Thanksgivukkah miracle!

DSC_0475Getting a Hello Kitty scooter: best.thing.ever. Not instinctively being able to ride it like a seasoned pro: cause for a super sad face. Fear not: the Roo has conquered the basics and now scoots along screaming, “I DID IT!”

DSC_0481Because all this boy wanted for Chanukkah was chimes and carabiners. Seriously.

DSC_0563My latke lovey!

Hope it was a wonderful holiday for all!

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