Throwback Thursday: Coney Island



A million (or eight) years ago, Joe, Aliza, and I took a trip to Coney Island. I didn’t know exactly what to expect, but it was pretty much exactly what I had heard: lots of people, lots of hot dog and ice cream “shops”, and the Cyclone. I am so glad Joe checked it off his roller coaster bucket list before they tore it down.


Coney Island was the former site of popular sideshow acts and “freak” shows, which coincided somewhat to what I was studying at NYU. I was pretty surprised to find it was still a “thing” in Coney Island, even now. Weird and kind of unsettling, even if the “live human target” was really a high schooler getting paid a bare-bones wage to run around wearing a mask.

FH000021 2FH000022The day we went was sticky hot, which somehow seemed very appropriate. I remember taking breaks by wading in the water and spending lots of time people watching. Coney Island sustained quite a bit of damage due to Hurricane Sandy, so I’m sure this summer was different than the one I visited. At the time, Coney Island seemed to inhabit a suspended, dreamlike state between past and present; I wonder if the events of nature have caused it to confront its future.



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