Daytrip to Longwood Gardens (no kids allowed!)


It has been many years since I have had 5 hours in a row without either of my children. That’s 5 hours without being asked for “juice and snack”, 5 hours without having to ask someone if he or she is really sure they don’t need to go potty, 5 hours without having to worry if someone is going to need to be entertained or read to or comforted (all things I love doing by the way).

I have really been missing my kids since they went back to school. It is especially feels like Elijah is gone so much, although he seems to have handled the transition perfectly and absolutely LOVES school. But, I have to say, their back to school days means that I occasionally get an grown-up play day in!


Last Friday, I went to Longwood Gardens with my dear friend, who is also still in the awe phase of having several hours of adult time. It was a beautiful, sunny day, and we took a leisurely drive there, just talking (about our kids, naturally). The only other time I went to Longwood Gardens was with Elijah and my mom, almost three years ago.


It was really fun, albeit a totally different experience. Clara and I took our time, spending an hour in the conservatory (which is HUGE), checking out an exhibit on water lilies (do you know flowers close their petals around the beetles that help them pollinate for 24 hours and then release them?!), and just enjoying the gorgeous weather and diverse flora.


One of our last stops was the Italian water garden.


I asked Clara how awesome it must have been to be one of those super wealthy people who actually had something like this right outside their window. She replied that they probably didn’t even appreciate it, which is likely true. But seriously, can you even imagine? So beautiful!

Longwood Gardens is such a lovely day trip, there and back and a smidge of time leftover before going to pick up the kiddos. And it was free! Sort of. We bid on tickets to Longwood Gardens and the Brandywine Museum at a silent auction last year so we technically paid for them but it was so long ago it doesn’t really count anymore! I am really looking forward to going back again with the kids-there is a children’s garden and several treehouses for climbing and exploring. It’s not totally the ideal place for super curious mini adventurers-there are several very inviting hills that would be difficult to not roll down! That being said, the staff does a great job of cultivating beautiful flowers for every season, so we’ll definitely be making out way to Kennett Square again!


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