Subways and Whales: A Favorite Things Trip to NYC

ResizedImage_1378750183169 After spending the first 3 plus years as an only child, Elijah definitely has had a roller coaster transition to being a big bro. Elijah and Remy get along pretty well, but there are still times when Elijah obviously wishes he were an only child or at least that he had my undivided attention more consistently. It’s been a while since we planned any Elijah/Mommy dates, so we made a plan to take a little jaunt to NYC to celebrate Elijah’s first week of school and to hang out. I told Elijah we could do whatever he wanted and that we could ride the subway all day if that’s what he chose.

In actuality, we managed to fit a few more things onto our itinerary. We dropped off my backpack (Can I even tell you how wonderful it is to travel with only a change of clothes, toothbrushes, and a few books? We’re come a looooong way since we basically had to pack the following items for years every time we went anywhere: toys, diapers, nightlight, portable bed, books for daytime, books for bedtime, etc etc) and headed to the Aztec Playground near Aliza’s apartment. It is such a great playground, with multiple slides and climbing areas as well as a water play spot.


Then after a little Dean and Deluca picnic lunch, we took the bus over to the Museum of Natural History, where….wait for it….they had a WHALE EXHIBIT!


It’s like they knew we were coming! It was extremely good timing, however, since the Hall of Aquatic Life (aka where that famous giant whale is housed) was closed for the afternoon for a wedding. Seriously? Who does that? Anyways, there were no pictures allowed in the whale exhibit, but it was awesome, complete with a giant whale heart you could climb in and a little simulation room where we got to see how whales use echolocation to find their food, like giant squid.


We also checked out the dinosaurs. The highlight for Elijah was picking out “Bluey” from the gift store. He picked out “Pinky”, complete with pink heart jewel out for Remy because “she really likes pink, and she will really love Pinky”. Remy was not far from Elijah’s thoughts throughout the weekend: “What’s Remy doing now?” “She’s definitely asleep, right?”

Before heading back to Auntie Lizie’s cottage (which is how Elijah referred to her abode all weekend for no discernible reason), we stopped at Sugar & Plumm, a very adorable sweets shop. I am not a cookie person, but I had the best gluten-free cookie I have ever had: chocolate chip hazelnut cookie while Elijah had some sorbet and Auntie Lizie sampled the nutella crepe.

When it came time for dinner, we went down to Union Square to go to Saigon Market since Elijah’s thirst for subways had not been sufficiently quenched (“I thought you said we could ride on subways all day long”) then collapsed back on the UES.

After Sunday brunch we ventured to the High Line (the trip itself being part of the allure, since it meant going on the L line). I have wanted to go for years and loved the views and the plantings. Elijah was disappointed that he couldn’t walk on all the old tracks, but he still liked looking around.

DSC_0715DSC_0729DSC_0726 DSC_0719

After a stop in the Chelsea Market (vegan sushi for the train ride home, more sorbet for Elijah, and a requisite NYC celebrity sighting: Willem Dafoe), we made our way back to Penn Station, where we said goodbye to our beloved host for the weekend.


Since Bluey was deemed to be a little nervous about his first train ride, we made sure he was comfortable and let him watch a video with Elijah.

It was a wonderful weekend in the big, bustling city with my big-time kindergartener.


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