Our Trip to Maymont

Our trip to Maymont deserves its own post because we had such a blast.

We fed the animals, of course!DSC_0332


Take a look at these guys from our visit last year:


compared with this year:


No, seriously. Can you even believe this is Remy??


Insanity! Subway shirts are still the staple of Elijah’s wardrobe, so I guess too much hasn’t changed, but still…Remy’s fuzzy little baby head… Okay, moving on! On this trip we didn’t trek down the hill because that meant we would have to walk back up it. We had never taken the kids to the Nature Center, so we decided to pop back in the car to head there, and it ended up being a complete hit!

The Nature Center itself is in a beautiful building-we almost had our wedding reception there. There are lots of aquariums filled with all sorts of creatures, including crabs, fish, and this creepy prehistoric-looking turtle thing.


We loved all the hands-on environmental learning. Elijah had been asking about how rain formed, and voila, there was a little learning station on that exact topic.




Of course, we loved seeing the playful otter (who was not very cooperative for photo ops).

DSC_0378But what we all loved more than anything was the little classroom tucked away from the main exhibits. It’s not open all the time (and was closed when we first got there), but it is literally a treasure trove of goodies: books, building blocks, a little sand table, magnifying glasses, and a puppet theater with LOTS and LOTS of puppets.

Elijah had a little stage fright in the beginning. Remy did not.

DSC_0385DSC_0384Elijah quickly recovered, and they both performed for quite some time, most of their creations being songs and skits varying on the theme “Don’t be afraid of the [insert name of current pupper]” or “Snake Family”.

DSC_0386And then, just as we were about to leave, the.best.thing.EVER.happened. The room volunteer, who had been pretty quiet up to this point, asked one of the most important questions in recent recorded history:

“Do you want to pet the snake?”


DSC_0399DSC_0400This is Elijah, trying so hard not to smile because he is just so deliriously excited. He said, “Mommy, I just can’t stop smiling!”


Here they are, demonstrating the two finger touch, apparently the snake’s preferred method of petting.


And this is right before we realized Remy (who isn’t afraid of creatures big or small other than flies) didn’t really understand that she couldn’t give the snakes head a hug. It flicked its little rat snake tongue out at her, but she was undeterred.

DSC_0418He played it cool, but I’m pretty sure this was one of the best moments in Elijah’s life.

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