Sun, Sand, Shelling, and Swinging


Vacations change a lot when you have kids obviously, and I’ve heard more than one friend refer to a get-away that includes their kids as a “vacation” (eye-rolling included). Naturally, most kids don’t realize (or care) that Mom and Dad would love some snoozetime on a towel in the sun or that it would be lovely to read (a book that likely doesn’t include pictures of anthropomorphized ¬†animals) with the water lapping at their feet.


This trip, though we didn’t get in much snoozetime or beach reading, started to feel like a real vacation. We took long walks to look for shells (I think Elijah collected over 500 by week’s end) and seaglass, and we spent hours in the calm waters, with the kids showing off their new swimming and floating skills.


We got to hang out with my cousin Amy (who the kids absolutely adored-she is the perfect combination of fun and craziness and sarcasm and had my kids fist-bumping by the end of her visit) as well as my Uncle Scott and Aunt Geri.


Remy is still taking naps, but it no longer feels like there is a massive chunk taken out of the day that we have to focus our lives around. We can have fun brunches out without worrying that someone is going to have a meltdown or destroy something precious. We can take day trips and not be near heart attack that if we miss the nap window all will be lost. Our kids are, in every sense of the word, growing up, and it is such a delight to be with them every step of the way.


Among the highlights of our trip were our annual trips to Four Seas,



three mini-golfing trips with Daddy,


and a fun morning at the Greenbriar Jam Kitchen, which also doubles as an environmental education center. This year they gave families a backpack filled with tools for exploring the land, which Elijah and Remy loved.


DSC_1145At the end of the day, they (and we) just loved all of the uninterrupted family playtime we got with the Fogelson crew.





We feel so lucky to have a yearly gathering place that is so relaxing and restorative for our bodies and minds.


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