The Road to Cape Cod

DSC_0978 So basically late April thru June was spent in a pretty scary flare. I was re-diagnosed, this time with Crohn’s Disease. Womp womp. Enter new meds and a burgeoning relationship with the Penn outpatient infusion suite (which has vibrating massage chairs!!! and lots of magazines!!!), and I finally started to feel somewhat human again. After feeling pretty awful for several months.  I was determined that if I were fortunate enough to feel better, I would give my kiddos one hell of a summer. Joe and I call it Gripping It and Ripping It Parenting, which basically means we do all sorts of fun adventures, some big, some small, and basically tire ourselves out as much as our kids by the end of the day. IMG_0660 DSC_0782 I think I have held up my end of the bargain. We celebrated Elijah’s birthday out the mountain with lots of family and loved ones. IMG_0699 We went to Richmond for an absolutely beautiful wedding of a dear high school friend (They wrote and memorized their own vows, which was one of the four times I teared up during the evening’s festivities). We went to the children’s museum there and had lots of water play time.



Back in Philly, we had lots of visitors, went cherry picking with Auntie Lala in Jersey, took swimming lessons, had lots of popsicles and ice cream, etc.




And then we started up to Cape Cod. I’ll cover our actual week there in the next post, because getting there is half the fun. (Well, maybe it’s 3/8ths the fun). First stop, Aunt Mandy and Ella’s in Hawley. The kids LOVE the lake, and now that Elijah Bean can SWIM(!!!), it’s even better. After a few hours in the car, it feels so good to splash around in the water, throw rocks, and have a cook-out. IMG_0776 IMG_0784 The next morning we headed to Auntie Jenny’s in Quincy. After playing outside with her cats (which were on leashes), we got back in the car and went to Wollaston Beach, where the kids actually wanted to swim. DSC_0966 DSC_0973It was a little chilly, so we ended up playing on the beach more and then going to the playground across the street. We have gone every year for the past three or four, and it’s so fun to see how the kids have changed (ie last year Elijah was trying to negotiate his way up this jungle gym; this year it was a piece of cake).


The next day we went in to Boston via the red line. We also managed to go on the orange line and the blue line during the course of the day. First stop was the Boston Children’s Museum, which truly deserves it’s own post. It is such an awesome place, and so huge. I felt like Elijah and Remy could have spent the whole day there.

remy and steel drum

And I have to say, playing the steel drum with my favorite girl by my side is pretty much my idea of heaven. From the bubble room to the construction area to the Japanese house to their new, very interactive exhibit on circles, it was a great place to spend the morning.



Elijah took part in an MIT Playlab study about how kids model what they have learned. We asked if he received a scholarship to MIT in return for participation; the answer, sadly, was no.


We took a lunch break at some of the fun food trucks nearby and got to see Uncle Sujit and to finally meet Lila! I mean, really, how sweet is she?? It was so nice to catch up while Auntie Jenny and the kids explored the green areas nearby.


Boston has such great green spaces. If only it weren’t like Antarctica in the wintertime, I would live there. Oh and also if I didn’t have to sell all my internal organs on the black market to afford a place.

In the afternoon, we went to the Aquarium, another Beantown tradition. The kids are super into the Octonauts show and, therefore, love all things aquatic more than ever, so we had a blast petting rays, looking for sharks, and laughing at the penguins.


IMG_0807Phew! And our vacation has just started! On to the Cape….

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