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PHL to RVA: A Trip To and Down Memory Lane

Philly is where we have made our family, where my kids will consider “home”. There is a part of me, however, that will always feel like I am not truly going home until I cross River Road on Gaskins (going … Continue reading

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A Temporary Foray Into Having 3 Kids

As I have said and written before, I am very happy with two kids, despite the fact that growing up, I always thought I wanted 3 or 4. A few weeks ago, we were fortunate to temporarily experience life as … Continue reading

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Sun, Sand, Shelling, and Swinging

Vacations change a lot when you have kids obviously, and I’ve heard more than one friend refer to a get-away that includes their kids as a “vacation” (eye-rolling included). Naturally, most kids don’t realize (or care) that Mom and Dad … Continue reading

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The Road to Cape Cod

So basically late April thru June was spent in a pretty scary flare. I was re-diagnosed, this time with Crohn’s Disease. Womp womp. Enter new meds and a burgeoning relationship with the Penn outpatient infusion suite (which has vibrating massage … Continue reading

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