A Birthday Wish

Here’s a little fairy tale for you. Once upon a time there were two little girls thrown together by the hands of fate-or rather, Hebrew School car pool. Beyond the hours they spent hula-hooping and limbo-ing their way through Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, these two girls (and about a half a dozen more) shared crushes, sleepovers, homecoming and prom dance pictures sessions, trips to Europe, and so much more (including how to stash your parent’s alcohol in portable shampoo containers-absolutely genius!)

Before homecoming Freshman year

As you can guess, one of these girls is me. My middle and high school days, college breaks, and general childhood and teenage years would not have been the same without the bright, effervescence of Barbara. She was my volleyball and swim teammate, a classmate, a sometimes roomie, and a great lover of all things fun. She even loved me when I barely had enough hair to make a ponytail. Despite the fact that I am turning 32 on Thursday, and Barb and I live about 9 hours away from each other, I am forever thankful for our friendship (and will forever turn up the Backstreet Boys’ “I want it that way” to a deafening volume in honor of the 8 million times we listened to it during Senior Year Beach Week).

Barbara’s almost 3-year-old daughter was recently diagnosed with leukemia. She is about to embark on a pretty heavy fight for such a little girl (including a bone marrow transplant), but we all know she has that Barb-infused fight in her and will come out stronger and more life-loving than ever.

Which brings me to this:


PLEASE PLEASE consider making a donation to this upcoming walk/run. And get swabbed to see if you are a bone marrow match for someone else. Please help Libby and all who love her and her family fight this disease. Please help all kids get the opportunity to friendships as long-lasting and life-affirming as Barb and I have been blessed with.


My 17th birthday. Man, I am old. And for the record, I have spoken or emailed with every single person in this picture (except for one) in the past week. Talk about enduring friendships!

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