The Life Aquatic with the Bean and the Roo


A few months ago at a silent auction, Joe and I bet on and won tickets to the Adventure Aquarium in Camden. The kids have both been to the New England Aquarium several times, and Elijah also went to the Baltimore Aquarium when he was a little thing

but I feel like they are actually both at a great age to enjoy the aquarium and all the aquatic inhabitants. So on a gross, slushy day, we trekked over to New Jersey. Turtles and hippos were admired, manta rays’ noses were touched by an ecstatic toddler, and many, many questions were asked to the staff people regarding the feeding habits of sharks.


DSC_0217“If I could only make this glass wall disappear, I could pet that turtle!”

The frontside of this picture looks like this: Elijah with his mouth wide open, staring at the sharks, deciding which one of them he wants to “be”. This picture also does not show the staffperson being interrupted several times to clarify what sharks eat.




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2 Responses to The Life Aquatic with the Bean and the Roo

  1. erin rosenow says:

    hi there! these are super cute kiddo pictures. i’m trying to style a section in my retail store photo albums and would love to use these as a new england aquarium story. may i use some of your images?


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