Our Passover Seder in 9 Images

DSC_0263The table is set up for a multimedia Passover seder, complete with personalized Haggadah (courtesy of Joe) and felt seder plate

DSC_0265Drinking the first of four cups of grape juice.
“I get to drink four cups of grape juice? Are you kidding???!??”

DSC_0267Washing of the hands

DSC_0274Lots of opportunities for prayer and song. “Where is baby Moses, Moses, Moses….?”

DSC_0277Making Hillel sandwiches with Ashkenazic and Sephardic charoset-YUM!

DSC_0280Looking for the afikomen

DSC_0281Someone is very pleased with himself for finding it!

DSC_0285Opening the door for the prophet Elijah and then hurrying back to see if he drank any of the grape juice (he drank quite a bit-must have been thirsty!)

DSC_0286Post-seder dance party!

Happy Passover, y’all!

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