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Our Passover Seder in 9 Images

The table is set up for a multimedia Passover seder, complete with personalized Haggadah (courtesy of Joe) and felt seder plate Drinking the first of four cups of grape juice. “I get to drink four cups of grape juice? Are … Continue reading

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An open letter to whoever wrote the letter to the iphone mom

Dear Person Who Wrote the Iphone Mom Letter, Let’s talk for a minute. There have been some great responses to your letter (I like this one), but I thought I would weigh in too. Okay, sister friend? Here goes. I … Continue reading

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Snowy Surprise!

My Mom likes to tell the story of how I hated the snow when I was little. They would bundle me up a la Ralphie’s brother in The Christmas Story in a snowsuit and all that jazz, and I would … Continue reading

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I’ve noticed something recently. Or rather, I’ve noticed a lack of something recently: the ominpresence of the attachment lovey. For 4 and 3/4 years, we spent an unthinkable amount of time searching for Elijah’s lovey : a pacifier, a bunny, … Continue reading

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