The Art of Doing (Almost) Nothing


I have a habit of kind of always doing something. Multitasking, I guess, although that sounds a little too official of a title. There are truly not enough hours in the day to do nearly everything I have to do or want to do, so I end up trying to do a lot at once (which often leads to doing several things not so well).

Yesterday I did something novel. I did nothing during Remy’s naptime. Elijah has a cough and had been up several times the night before so I was more fatigued than usual and I somehow managed to torque my neck in such a way that exercising or working on the computer for an extended period was out of the question.

Usually when Elijah asks, “Can you watch my video with me?”-this week it is Peter Pan-I say, “Sorry bud. I have to do yoga/write a post for Inhabitots/prepare dinner/any number of random tasks”. But yesterday though there were no fewer things on my to-do list, I cuddled next to him on the couch for 45 minutes and…sat. Well, actually I read Martha Stewart Living, but basically I sat there with a heating pad wrapped around my neck.

And guess what? The world did not end because I wasn’t efficient during naptime. I often remind myself that I want my kids to know how to relax, that I want them to take breaks that refresh and rejuvenate them, that it’s simply not healthy just to gogogogogogo all the time. I just have a hard time showing them that. I’m not sure how much Elijah even realized that I was breaking from tradition by just hanging out for a bit, but for me, it felt good. A brief pause in the day, not exactly like a siesta, but almost. For a second, I felt myself moving one small step closer to being the chic, European woman who lives in my head and who wears much cooler clothes than I do and knows how to savor time and company.

Yoga! You know what they say: The family that does namastes together, stays together!

Yoga! You know what they say: The family that does namastes together, stays together!

And finally, the Kindergarten Escapade of 2013 is over! Elijah will be attending The Philadelphia School-we are very excited and can’t wait for his little brain to start sucking up all sorts of new knowledge!

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