Loud and Not So Clear


Remy has been in speech therapy for about 6 weeks. She loves her speech therapist, Maureen, who is very sweet and finds her as endlessly amusing as we do. Harvey loves Maureen too. He cannot stop trying to make out with her. Luckily for all of us, Maureen is very patient.

Remy has been picking up some more words, and she is trying SO hard to make herself understood. She has been a little more tantrum-y lately-I think she is just really sick of not being able to communicate as much as she would like to. Her “No!”, however, is perfectly clear!


We went down to Richmond last weekend and among the visits to the craft store to buy felt for Elijah’s soldier hat (the Wizard of Oz obsession continues), playdates, haircuts,


and semi-successful portrait-taking, Nini and Remy managed to fit in some piano jam sessions. Or as Elijah would call them “pyoono” sessions. For the record, he also says “aminals” instead of animals and “sgobetti” instead of spaghetti. I hope he never learns how to correctly say them!


They sounded ALMOST as good as they looked!

Please see below for some portrait session pics. Remy was not in the mood to cheese it up for the photographers, but we still got some cute ones. You can’t tell, but I am actually holding Remy from behind and tickling her for the ones she is smiling. Elijah, on the other hand, was Smiley McSmilerson. What a ham! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Saddest balloon-holding girl ever!

Saddest balloon-holding girl ever!

I'm not sure E actually knew what he was holding.

I’m not sure E actually knew what he was holding.

That's better!

That’s better!

Getting both of them together for a shot: major fail!

Getting both of them together for a shot: major fail!

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