Flight of Time


I remember thinking in high school that time just took forever. That even 5th period history, where I fell asleep basically every day from 1:10 until about 1:35 pm (sorry, Coach Bright!), seemed like a million years long in and of itself.

Now I cannot even believe how the weeks blend into each other, how one minute Remy has just turned two, and she is barely not a baby, and the next she is using Elijah’s scissors and on her way (though definitely not there) to big girl Dora undies.


This whole kindergarten thing (which continues to drag on) has vacillated between being stressful and claustrophobia-inducing and then making me want to sell all of our belongings and go live somewhere in southeast Asia. Elijah has been accepted to one private school, wait-listed at another, and then we are still waiting on the PAS process. The lottery for a bilingual charter school takes place on Friday, but there will be probably 500-600 applicants for about 8 spots. The odds are decidedly not ever in our favor.

I don’t remember my parents being particularly stressed out when my sisters and I applied to college. Now I know that they must have been just really good at hiding it because Joe and I have lost plenty of sleep lately and had weird school nightmares and this is KINDERGARTEN we’re talking about. We haven’t really mentioned anything to Elijah because we don’t want to worry him.

Please ignore E's ratty band-aid. The fact that he is wearing a band-aid after 4 plus years of screaming whenever one is offered to him is amazing!

Please ignore E’s ratty band-aid. The fact that he is wearing a band-aid after 4 plus years of screaming whenever one is offered to him is amazing!

Besides, he is much too busy ordering work completed on his latest Wizard of Oz costume. For the record, it’s one of the soldiers in Munchkin land. And no, Joe and I are not trained in the sewing arts.


Or he can often be found baking with me, which he loves, on the condition that we make things green or yellow or pink of whatever color matches his latest costume obsession.

DSC_0568Here are a few pics from this past weekend, with a special, much loved visit from Ella, Mandy, and Bob. I can only hope our kiddos are as sweet, patient, and fun as Ella is!


IMG_0422Off to Richmond for a long weekend beginning on Thursday! Have a great week!

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