Grateful #3 and a Penn Alexander Update


Um…it’s been quite a week. To summarize: The Line for kindergarten registration began a little before 11am on Friday. FOUR DAYS before kindergarten registration began. I basically threw Elijah and Remy at our very helpful and accommodating neighbor (too cold for the leetles to be outside, not to mention too boring to wait in line), ran several blocks and was #36 in line. The long, cold expanse of the holiday weekend lay ahead of us, but there was the comfort of knowing that Elijah had a spot at Penn Alexander.

Except he doesn’t. At about 6 in the evening, the school district informed us that PAS enrollment was now to be determined by lottery. The past week has been filled with meetings, pleas, letters, etc from over 70 worried families. The first thing I am grateful for was that we applied to other schools for Elijah for next year. Because we simply don’t really know when this will be resolved.


The upside of this frustrating, surprising turn of events was that instead of sleeping outside in the cold and wasting the whole weekend, we got to hang out with my parents and with Elijah. We went to Franklin Fountain again! We breakfasted at Manakeesh (grape leaves are surprisingly delicious at 10am)! We made a LOT of projects with glitter and stickers!

Elijah and Remy have been super arts-and-crafters lately. After weeks of building Polar Express trains out of cardboard, legos, and even play-doh, Elijah has moved on to the Wizard of Oz. His impression of the Wicked Witch’s laugh is totally spot on. Remy does her best to sound menacing as well, but she is a little too cute to terrify us 🙂


DSC_0524And here’s the rest of my grateful list:

*The totally scrumptious vegan vanilla milkshake at Franklin Fountain
*Dinner out with no kids! Thanks, Mom and Dad!
*That I have a warm house during this excruciatingly cold snap (Seriously, my hands become claws when I am outside for more than 5 minutes)
*Moonrise Kingdom arrived for a weekend viewing.

Happy weekend!


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