Franklin Fountain (and Grateful #2)

Faced with the prospect of spending the next 4 days outside in The Line, I have this grateful list:

*Although it will be unpleasant to be outside for those days, I am grateful it will be the exception and not the rule for our family’s lifestyle (knowck wood), and I am so grateful for our home.
*My parents will be coming to provide lots of entertainment and fun!
*My new nutrition course started, and I’m grateful that my brain still functions and permits me to have conversations on a level higher than a 5-year-olds.
*I’m grateful for Franklin Fountain, and their delicious and VEGAN menu offerings. This place is seriously crazy. They have hot milkshakes where they blend in pieces of pie. What?! Seriously-if you live in Philly or anywhere near (or need a reason to visit), check this place out. I had been planning on getting a vegan chocolate milkshake, but they didn’t have vegan chocolate ice cream this time, so Remy and I had to settle for a sundae with vegan vanilla instead. Look how sad she is:

DSC_0380The arrival of the sundae


At the end, Elijah lifted up his sundae bowl and poured the rest down his throat. I was so proud.


Vegan holiday sundae (with a cherry on top!)


Can you tell we liked it?

Have a fantastic, warm weekend!

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