Back from the Break…

I keep meaning to post this, hoping that all will be well and happy when I do, but the days, weeks, and months keep passing and I just need to put something out there(as well as some much desired photos of our little, but always getting bigger family). So here goes:

It was a really wonderful summer [and now it’s the middle of fall-yikes!]. The kids loved the pool (one approaching it with slightly more caution than the other), the weather was beautiful, the garden grew, we traveled up and down the East Coast, making merriment and visiting with friends and loved ones. It was, all in all, a success.

Our busyness was enough of an excuse for the radio silence over here, but there was another, much less fun reason. After having a variety of unpleasant symptoms, I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in mid-June. For those of you blissfully unaware of this disease, it’s a member of one of those super-sexy inflammatory bowel diseases. It’s kind of mysterious and not very much fun at all. I cannot tell you how upsetting it feels to feel that your health is causing you to fail as a parent because it limits you and confines you and quite honestly scares you.

I am someone who has tried to live cleanly and healthfully. I do yoga. I run. I am constantly trying to fuel and nourish our family with the healthiest of foods (with plenty of treats to keep life interesting and sweet). I had never felt like I couldn’t keep up with my kids. I mean, yeah, sometimes I wanted a nap when they took one, but this disease (and the “flare” in particular) has really knocked me on my behind.

Why am I telling you this private health information? A few reasons-one is to apologize for any irritableness or exhaustion on my part. Another is to maybe grow some patience or empathy for someone who may be suffering from this disease (or any disease) for that matter.

It has been a life changing experience for me. I don’t think I will ever look at health and wellness in the same way again. I don’t think I will ever look at food the same way again. I keep trying to will myself better and I know the power of positive thinking can be extremely beneficial. But this has been such a frustrating and disheartening experience. I am trying, every day, not to let it take over my thoughts and my whole life, but it’s been very difficult for me. So please, send some positive, ant-inflammatory thoughts my way (in whatever way you see fit).

In the meantime, Remy has started (and realized after a few rough weeks that she really does love) preschool. She is slowly adding words to her vocabulary as well as am impressive array of dance moves. She loves everything art related-especially stickers, and she wants to do everything her big brother does (and more!). We celebrated her second birthday and her babynaming in late September and our 1 year Remy-versary a few weeks later. Those excruciating months of waiting for her to come home have faded, and it is truly impossible to imagine our lives without her fun-loving self.

Elijah continues to grow (and eat! Look out teenage years!) with amazing velocity. His ability to create worlds and scenarios regarding public and private means of transportation is matched only by his appetite for books. Disney stories are now his favorite, but if given the opportunity, he will gladly listen to the rather lengthy story of how 15-year-old Kate Shelley saved the Eastbound Atlantic Express during the 1880s over and over again. He is also one of the most efficient gardeners, leaf and twig gatherers we have ever come across and was a boon to our community gardening success this summer.

There is much to be thankful for…

And now for some more pictures…

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