I promise he was not actually as bored as he looks in this picture.

Although the birthday festivities (ironically, 4 of them) are finally over, I still keep looking at Elijah and realizing that he is 4. Next year he will be 5 and then he’ll go to kindergarten and then my job as a parent is over. Right?

With his new birthday monorail!

When I look at the pictures of the Bean from even a few months ago, it’s amazing how quickly he has changed. There’s that oft-quoted line: “The days are long, but the years are short.” Oh man, those days used to feel soooo long. When there is little sleep to speak of, there are a lot of lonely hours to fill with someone who seemed so much more content when he was inside my belly.

It’s hard to pinpoint when those long ago days started to feel like days again (perhaps when Elijah started sleeping more than 2 hours at a time?!?) and even harder to say when they began to speed up into something else entirely. Joe and I will often look at each other on Friday or Saturday in utter bewilderment: “Well, I guess there goes another week.” And so it goes. Between school, playdates, pool visits, trips to visit family and friends, the months seem to go by on their own.


In addition to the birthday festivities, there was also some quality family hang time. Going to Kirby Park with Pop, playing at Aunt Ali’s, and running around Nana and Jack’s house at the lake all help to give our kids a much desired taste of the huge, closely knit, extended family that they have. Watching the kids play with their cousins (and the beloved kitties) is such a joy. And it is so beautiful in springtime “out the mountain”: perfect for throwing rocks in the lake,


and winding down after a long weekend of parties.

¬†There’s a lot to catch up on, but I’ll save that for another day. Until then, can you believe it has been almost a year since this?!?

Remy, you have only been home with us 8 months, and we could not possibly imagine life without your squeezy leg hugs, gift of mimicry, infectious laughter, and wonderful taste in music. We love you so much!

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