The light looks different here, I think. I didn’t go to Princeton for college, but I feel just a bit like I’ve shared some of its history. I lived there for a short summer program designed to bring together Japanese and American students. My roommate Hiroko, a total rockstar, had spent a year in the States so here English was pretty spot-on. She was kind of a bad-ass and pretty much debunked every stereotype about Japanese people being submissive and obedient. Basically, we all spent a lot of time socializing and learning random facts about Japanese culture and traditions while we lay on Princeton’s pristine grounds. Not a bad way to spend a few weeks.

Of course, most of my Princeton memories came from visiting Aliza and my best friend from high school who also went here (and also from visiting my best friend’s older brother and sister who also went there). I learned about eating clubs, the art of not even beginning your night out until midnight, and where to get yummy treats (a Fogelberg requirement wherever you go). At the time I could not imagine going there for school. It always seemed too small for me, and although charming, I knew Penn was a much better fit. But there is something magical about the place. The ivy covered buildings, the calmness, the echoing of footsteps on very old stones, the oasis-like quality of it all…

…the fact that even the doors to the “dorms” look like they belong in a medieval castle in England.

Now I love visiting Princeton and am amazed always by the number of restaurants and cafes it has, its absolutely gorgeous public library which features storytimes in Russian (!) and Spanish, and the last bastion against digital music-the Princeton Record Exchange. This visit Aliza took me to the Princeton museum of fine art, proving, as always, that treasures and treats can be found even in places you thought you knew.

Plus I got to have a picnic outside with one of my favorite girls. I am not-so-secretly hoping that one of my babies goes there. It’s only an hour away so I could see them often, but they wouldn’t be so close that I would feel the need to stalk them. If they went to Penn, I would be knocking on their doors ALL the time, because we live so very close. I think they might get a little sick of me 🙂 I also think I may be getting ahead of myself a bit.

Speaking of the little ones, I’ll be back with pictures from Elijah’s 3,ooo birthday celebrations soon, but here are some other recent pics to tide you over…

Remy taking haircare into her own hands. Yup, that’s vaseline.

This is what your face looks like after you put the entire up of sorbet against it.

Eating lunch at Bartram's Garden

Eating lunch at Bartram’s Garden

“Blue Subway” (as Elijah insists on being called) on the Market Frankford Line

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