Mother’s Day Gift Guides for Adoptive Mothers

Moms who have adopted can obviously partake in the goodies every Mom loves on Mother’s Day-flowers, chocolates, handmade cards, etc. But we are lucky enough that we also can get (or be gifted) some awesome adoption-related treats.

I didn’t even think about adoption-related “stuff” (other than books) until our first trip to Ethiopia. Some of our new adoptive parent friends sported some cool gear-like necklaces made from Ethiopian coins and fun Amharic shirts, which I think are a cute and fun way to show our pride in our children’s heritage and birth culture.

So here’s my list of goodies perfect for any Mom who has adopted (and also for those Moms currently waiting perhaps not-so-patiently to bring their babies home!). Most of my search was on etsy because they have some really neat stuff and some of it is definitely on my personal “Pretty Please?” list.


Totally digging this “You were born in our hearts” graphic print.

I love this easy-to-personalize roots map (adoption related or not).

We are seriously into folk art chez Fogelson/Teel and this create-your-own family (with the child’s gotcha date!) painting fits the bill. You can substitute the quote they have on there, but it’s a good one.


There’s No Me Without You is a wonderful, well-written account of adoption and the orphan “situation” in Ethiopia. The same author wrote No Biking in the House Without a Helmet about her family with NINE children (I have to lie down and take a nap just thinking about it).

We have gotten several books from Tapestry Books. There are some great kid books here too!


Here’s that red thread quote again (which I weirdly had never heard before), this time stamped onto a silver necklace. I am a sucker for this Jeanine Payer/Heather B. Moore-esque type of jewelry (I literally wear mine every other day) and this necklace is way more affordable than most options.

Our friend Audrey  has a necklace from this site with the symbolic triad of the birth/first family, adoptive family and adoptee. I love the happiness necklace and this simple, but elegant circle of life necklace.

The Canvas Heart has multiple cool items in its etsy shop, many of which feature Amharic. I especially like these for “YES!! S/He’s finally home” post-adoption thank you notes! And they’re a good reminder to work on your own Amharic. 🙂

Of course, there are about a million other coffee mugs, shirts, signs, etc. I’d love to hear what you have found!

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