Surprise, New York!

In a crazy, fortuitous stroke of luck, Joe realized last Friday that he was not, in fact, on call on Saturday. Which meant I booked a last minute trip to NYC for my dear Aliza’s birthday. After the long trip via SEPTA and New Jersey Transit (seriously, it takes like 3 hours to go about 80 miles), I had no desire to head back underground, so I walked from Penn Station to Aliza’s apartment on 85th.

I really liked living in New York, even though it was so expensive and I was always at school or working, so coming back is always a treat. It’s one of those places that is better to visit than to live (in my opinion), because it feels like everything is kind of a splurge. So I walked and walked and then walked some more. This sounds totally dorky, but walking in a city by myself is probably on my top 5 list of things to do. It was a little cold, and not very sunny, but it was perfect walking weather.

His name was Carlos. And, if you can believe it, his face was even cuter than his dupah.

Once reunited with Aliza, we had lunch at gobo,

met up with Jen, then helped Aliza set up for her Bubbles and Truffles party. Then Jen and I went to the Jewish Museum (her first visit) to see a photography exhibit that was about to close. Some pear sorbet from Ciao Bella,

a quick dinner at a cute French place, and then party time.

So much sugar-cupcakes, truffles, rose syrup, champagne, etc! It was wonderful to see my beloved sister surrounded by so many friends who clearly adore her and know her so well. The highlight of the evening may have been the Elvis singing telegram that 2 of her BFFs sent in absentia. Hysterical! Aliza was totally game, which made it so much more fun.

I walked down to the train station the next morning, stopped at an old favorite place for a Japanese treat for Joe, then made my way home. Oh yeah, all of this was basically without a voice. I got laryngitis for the first time in my life on Friday, and I’m still recovering.

Back in Philly, I felt myself grinning from ear to ear as I made my way up the escalator to see the fam. As great as it feels to have my arms free from time to time, it feels even better to hold my little ones oh so close.

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