Things I like: #1

To balance some of the heavier stuff I have been writing about: cupcakes!

This weekend we ventured downtown for the Philadelphia Flower Show. Remy and I, who had already attended, sat in Rittenhouse Square and read Vogue while Elijah, Joe, and several cousins, aunts, etc went to the show. Afterwards, cupcakes were shared. Which reminds me: I really love cupcakes. I know they are trendy and a “craze”, but they really are quite genius and very tasty (even when you are eating them on the floor, like E and R and I did the other day at Philly Cupcake).

And Have you seen this yet?A 24 hour cupcake dispenser! Awesome (yet kind of dangerous and wrong at the same time)

And some cupcake stuff. If this doesn’t get you in the mindset for a cupcake, let me know what your secret of restraint is!

From Pearl's in Richmond. The missing cupcake? In my belly.


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