The Dish on DC

Aside from some seriously crappy sleep (props to Joe for going to CVS at 5am to help our coughing Elijah Bean), DC was awesome. Here are some highlights:

1. Rose Creek Playground
Just off Rock Creek Parkway near P Street, this is our second time visiting this awesome park (kind of like 2 parks actually.) It’s also an awesome place to people-watch. I didn’t take any pictures of the other kids, because I don’t really think that’s kosher, but there were some truly fashionable Georgetown kids out and about with their nannies. A brother/sister duo totally looked like Caroline and JFK Jr. My slightly less fancy (but equally adorable) kids enjoyed it too.

2. Hotel Palomar
This hotel is just awesome. Dog-friendly, kid-friendly. We got the spa suite because it had 2 rooms, which is better for sleeping arrangements, and also because it had a cool tub in it that the kids used as a swimming pool. They also have free wine and snacks every night-the comfort of olives, crackers, and vino without having to leave your hotel: priceless!

3. Seeing friends and family
We checked out the Building Museum on Friday with some friends. Remy liked it the best, surprisingly. Elijah was in this kind of a mood:

We had a yum-fest at old veg favorite Java Green (their smoothies are especially yummy), then got cupcakes at Hello Cupcake.

My family came on Friday as well. The kids loved the Fogelson Fam hangtime: snuggling, constant attention and entertainment, presents, and playing with the IPad. Elijah is going through withdrawal from the IPad. He keeps touching our computer screen and trying to “move” things with his finger.

4. Museum of Natural History
I used to be obsessed with this place. I memorized all the dinosaurs by name (nerd alert!) and would walk around identifying them to anyone who would listen. Elijah really liked the human origins section (although he was mildly traumatized by the fact that a leopard ate one of the early humans. We assured him that it happened a looooong time ago and only because the leopard was realllllly hungry).

Both kids had a blast in the Discovery Room.

Random note: The Atrium Cafe there is super delish. Roasted root vegetables, veggie burgers, and black bean soft tacos!

I got in some time with my sisters while the little ones napped-we went to Heritage Indian for a late lunch. So good.

Joe and I had dinner at Cafe Japone with the kiddos, but I ended up eating my meal by myself since the kids were literally going crazy. (They were having a screeching contest). Sometimes books and I Spy games are not enough to keep anyone amused for long enough. Especially since now that Remy can walk it is all she wants to do.


And walk.

and walk. Which is awesome except for when it’s time to eat 🙂 By the way, my Dad doesn’t normally walk like Quasimodo; he is just a LOT taller than Remy, even when she is reaching her little hand up.

5. DuPont Circle Farmer’s Market.
How is it that we are like only 2 hours north of DC and they have the best produce/flowers/etc and we have like storage potatoes and apples? We love this farmer’s market and the huge variety of goodies they always have. We picked up some ramp mustard and kabocha squash and snacked on all the samples.

from our last DC trip almost 2 years ago!

6. The Random Fun That Only Occurs on Vacation

You know, when there are no playdates to attend, no errands to run or dinners to cook. Like this: Elijah and I went over to Union Station to play “near” the trains. His favorite part of the afternoon: We got a cup of water, and he would spill a few drops and then wipe them up with napkins. I think he would have stayed there for hours. Kids are so weird and funny!

See you next time, DC!

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