Winter?? What winter?

Happy belated Valentine’s Day! We saw our Lovey/Daddy Valentine for all of 5 minutes on the actual day, but we celebrated this weekend with donuts, courtesy of the Babycakes Covers the Classics cookbook. They were a hit, especially the chocolate-dipped ones.

Sometimes I worry that Elijah thinks that chocolate is a food group.

We are going to DC this week. It’s the first time we have been away in 3 months. When I realized that, I was a little shocked. I am so used to us packing up and going somewhere every few weeks, but the past few months have actually flown by. This winter has been so weird: barely any snow, lots of sunshine, a steady stream of lovely visitors. I kept waiting and waiting for it to feel like winter and then…it’s the end of February.

Moving on…This is what happens when your child is “doing art” for an extended period during which he is very, very quiet. He was practicing being a tiger. Dig the stripes? Other roles he has occupied lately include: Mickey Mouse, Gnocchi the cat, “Baby Kitty”, Paxton the train, Belle the train, and Minnie Mouse. His favorite game is to play “animal shelter”. This is how it goes. Remy and I walk in and decide what animal we want (it always ends up being a cat). We follow the purring and tail wagging to a nice cat who needs a home. The cat tells us his name and then we all retire to the couch. For 10 seconds. And then the cat returns to the animal shelter and the game begins again.

Remy is walking. For realz now. She looks kind of like a zombie: she sort of jerks upright and then Frankenstein-walks forward. She is very proud of herself, and we are so thrilled. By the way, she isn’t normally greased up like in this pic-it’s just her post-bath moisturizing session, courtesy of Daddy. Look at those pajamas! I mean, REALLY!

Remy has done great at her recent check-ups. The Bean accompanied us to Remy’s first primary care visit. Remy got 6 shots, which she wasn’t exactly psyched for, but Elijah was totally in worse shape. He kept saying, “Those aren’t for me, right?” and stood on the other side of the room.

Other Remy news: she can stick suck back milk like no one I’ve ever seen. And she’s almost always happy to just hang.

Except when she’s not. I had just wiped her nose in this picture, hence the distress. Aren’t I the meanest Mommy ever????

I found a cell phone for her, so all was forgiven.
That’s it for today. More after DC. I will leave you with this parting shot, a favorite of PawPaw’s: some days, anywhere will do to lay our weary heads.

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