We Came, We Ate, We Played

It’s amazing how easy it is to not update your blog. My friend JJ gave me some ridiculous stat that like 95% of blogs are abandoned within a year, and I believe it (and not just because people run out of random stuff to say). But I’m trying, and considering that about 30% of my waking hours are spent stressing about a broken laundry machine (that has been broken for, ahem, 5 WEEKS!!!!-don’t get me started), here goes:

The Bean on the see-saw at Deep Run

A millisecond later she toppled to the floor, but she looks like she's walking, right?

Train lurv with PawPaw

Thanksgiving was awesome, a dream. The kids slept until past 7 almost every day. Of course Joe and I were also staying up later so I’m not sure there was a net sleep gain, but oh well: We got to watch funny movies (Horrible Bosses and Crazy, Stupid, Love) , even went (separately) to the movies, explore the parks, etc. On Black Friday, Elijah announced to incredulous ears that he wanted to go to the kid’s museum with “just Daddy and Remy” (no Mommy, no Nini), which was like an early Chanukkah present. I got to take my time and try things on and look in stores with breakable things and walk around only holding my purse. Amazing.

"Yup, I'm cute and I have a huge flower on top of my head!"

Remy LOVES the swing. Do NOT take her out before she is ready!

Coming back, we stayed outside of DC for a night and visited friends, which was so fun. Both boys are really into garbage trucks, and our friends had gifted Elijah with an amazing one, so there were many happy hours spent sharing trucks and tearing up small pieces of paper.

Before bedtime at the hotel. Joe's thought bubble: "Parenting? This stuff is a walk in the park."

Since coming back, we’ve gotten back in the school groove, had some playdates (I am finding that everyone is much happier when we are more social), and had a fun visit from Nana and Ella.

Ella, our future babysitter/lifesaver. She is AMAZING with kids!

Ella, our future babysitter/lifesaver. She is AMAZING with kids!

And someone got her two front teeth. Oh man, I will miss the gumminess of her grin (Is there anything cuter than a hige smile where only pinky gum is visible?), but it is nice to see the results of all of Remy’s hard chomping and knawing work. Remy and I went to a playgroup at PIC yesterday and tomorrow we have music class, which I am psyched about. Seriously, have you ever seen this child move? We have been practicing standing by ourselves, which generally involves her standing for 1/2 a second and then lunging, laughing, at me. When she does get the hang of the whole standing/walking thing, we are in such trouble because our sweet girl is fearless! She loves her bath so much she has dove TWICE into the bath while we are filling it. I think some swim lessons are in Miss Meskerem’s future.

Totally can't see the keys. Totally awesome.

As well as some piano lessons. Stay tuned.

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1 Response to We Came, We Ate, We Played

  1. Kati says:

    It is soooooo great seeing our families together!! Great post, Marni. (note to self: must blog sometime!)

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