Tofurkey Awaits!

So I knew it was coming. But this week was really the first time anyone has actually assumed (to me, at least) that I am not Remy’s mom. Yep, I got to referred to as her nanny.

And it was funny because I had just been thinking about how the race thing wasn’t a big deal even for Elijah, who is kinda compulsive about details and has a steel trap of a memory. (Ex. I told him that his friend has the same dentist as Mommy and Daddy do, and he stopped and said “Dr.Bruno?” Whose name we have probably told him exactly once, and whose name I didn’t even remember!) And then he says to me while playing, “But why Remy’s brown?” I told my Mom and she said that Elijah had told her “Remy has a chocolate back” which is hysterical for several reasons, including the fact that Elijah. loves. chocolate. Obviously, these are totally normal questions for a 3-year-old.

I have to admit, I have often thought that people who say, “I don’t see race” were lying in a hippie-dippy, idealistic kind of way. Just because we see race doesn’t mean we are prejudiced to think a certain way or act in a way that would be racist. But now I get it. Sort of. I love the color of Remy’s skin, the texture of her hair, and I notice these things regularly, but it’s hard for me to understand how people could look at us and NOT think we are family. And even if they can’t see it, can’t they feel it? The love I feel for her, whether I’m holding her while walking down the street or watching as she lets Harvey (who she now loves) lick her and then squeals with joy: it just oozes out of me for this sweet girl.

We go to Nini and Pawpaw’s on Saturday for a week! Send happy kid travel vibes and good sleeping vibes. I’m salivating thinking about all the yummies (food, company, etc) in the upcoming week!

And a few other pics, as promised.

Doublefisting pizza and stromboli=heaven for the Bean!

Doublefisting pizza and stromboli=heaven for the Bean!

Reading with Auntie Lizie the Lifesaver!

Remy is a Fogelson/Teel natural: she LOVES to eat!

Elijah shows Remy the ropes during her first Please Touch visit

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1 Response to Tofurkey Awaits!

  1. Rebekah says:

    What a great post! I remember taking pictures of Remy for you. I didn’t tell you this, but I had to go back to HOH to get pictures later in the week because the first set of pictures were of her crying and crying and crying. I just couldn’t send them to you… To see her with her family and outside in her pretty pink coat makes me smile!

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