Quiet. For now.

Both kids in bed by 8. That, my friends, is happiness. It topped off an overall good day (that ended with some melodrama by our very overtired little ones). We went to the PIC book swap this morning, where Remy displayed her awesome upper body dance moves, then Elijah and I had a Mommy Dim Sun date. Despite the fact that he managed to knock over every container of liquid on the table, we thoroughly enjoyed our scallion pancakes and dumplings. We went to a classmate’s birthday party where more fun ensued (as well as more pizza and cake eating. After the pizza, he crawled into my lap and said, “Mommy, I ate too much food.” Somehow he managed to rally for the cake.) It is so much fun to see him playing with his buddies.

The best news of the week came on Friday morning: 2 of the 3 remaining families from our travel group were cleared on Friday, which means they get to pick up their babies in the next week or so. My fingers are crossed so hard for the final family that they get cleared early next week, and it can be a very Ethiopian Thanksgiving for all of them 🙂

What we learned about our fabulous Remy this week: she is a total trooper. She had about nine vials of blood taken and was totally unfazed afterward. The next day Remy was happily playing a game devised by her and Elijah in which she takes rocks and dumps them down the front and back of her shirt. When I went to change her diaper, let’s just say there were some rocks in very uncomfortable seeming places. She is now obsessed with two things: climbing stairs and practicing “falling off” Elijah’s toddler bed so that we can cheer for her. We are in for it as soon as she can walk.

This week marks a month that Remy has been home. Elijah is still adjusting, but I kind of suspect he’ll be adjusting forever. He had some nice days where he shared his toys and even his garbage truck (!) with his little sis. Other days, well, you can probably guess. Mornings seem to be a little rough for him still. But we’re plodding through, and whenever he says, “Remy, you’re cute” or he tries to entertain her in the car, I feel like we’re making progress.

One more week until we leave for Richmond. I’ll try and post more pictures before I go. Now, I’m going to sit with my lovey and enjoy the quiet, temporary as it may be.

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1 Response to Quiet. For now.

  1. Kati says:

    Sounds like home is really becoming just that for all 4 🙂 It’s cute to read how the two are interacting and playing together. Enjoy this quiet evening for as long as it lasts!

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