Whoa there.

Our girl LOVES bathes. Such a water baby!

We’ve been home almost 3 weeks, which is pretty crazy. And I have to say, having one kid in retrospect kinda seemed like a walk in the park (and anyone who spoke with me during the first 18 or so months of Elijah’s existence knows that’s a pretty big statement). There are all sorts of sayings about having kids: like “Having two kids is like having ten.” Or “Having two kids is triple the work, but having three kids is like only double.” We are never going to find that one out. Dunzo with 2. For a lot of the CHI families, this will be their 4th of 5th child. Which is sort of unfathomable to me. I love my kids, but I am pretty psyched for more travel, more conversations not revolving around garbage, less screaming when someone doesn’t get exactly what they want (such as having Mommy hold them, their little sister, and somehow manage to have Mommy grow extra arms so that she can also bring pancakes to the table. Not that I’m naming names.)

Watching the world (and garbage trucks) go by

The Nini Circus came to town last weekend. So much fun for everyone. Especially Elijah who loves Nini like no other (the feeling is definitely mutual). Nini got to spend some QT with Remy as well, and although it was the rainiest, snowiest day in a long time, we all had fun singing, dancing, and tearing up lots of paper to make trash.

I cannot even tell you how awesome Joe's hat was.

I don’t have too many super awesome Halloween pictures. Sorry. Halloween is not Elijah’s best holiday because it generally involves wearing things other than a Curious George t-shirt and (heaven forbid) means that a lot of people wear things on their heads and faces (a big Elijah turn-off). We had a pretty upsetting morning-Elijah freaked out at his school’s Halloween parade so we had to abort. Then he had another mini freak-out at a birthday party. I was pretty drained so my costume ended up being Lady Holding a Cute Baby and Drinking Wine From Her Generous Neighbor. The actual evening ended up being fun. Elijah LOVES handing out candy. It is adorable to watch. We had a lull of visitors, and Elijah stood on the steps yelling, “Kids! Come here! I have some candy for you.”

This was his first year trick-or-treating. Joe and I each took him to about 5 or 6 houses. At each house, he would walk up the stairs, and go “Trick or treating, please!” He loved it. He has no idea what the candies are, so he basically only wants to eat the lollipops or tootsie roll pops. I am savoring these years before he hoovers anything in a shiny wrapper.

Remy had a lot of fun too. She loved watching all the people and practicing walking. She also conquered her first stair. Yay, Meskita!

Remy had her first appointment with the docs at CHOP Adopt this week. They thought she was supercute and doing really well and that she had been very well loved and cared for in Ethiopia. We have a list of things for her to work on, but I feel that most of her motoric skills will come with some extra TLC. We know how lucky we are. We still have to do all the blood tests (yikes!), so wish us luck. I would rather stab myself in the eye with a hot poker than have to endure anything like the craziness that occurs when Elijah needs a shot, but I’m hoping Remy is less of a writher/screamer/participant in an exorcism.

Oh and I almost forgot: we had our first sibling violence. Remy, while in Joe’s arms, dropped a stacking block right into Elijah’s eye. Seriously, she could not have aimed better. So the Bean had an awesome shiner, just in time for Picture Day. Sweet! The other kids came in to school today dressed up, beribboned, etc. After much discussion, and a close vote between Curious George and an orange Thomas shirt (which Elijah insisted was “very pretty for picture day”), we ended up with….


In sum, we’re surviving. More than that. And the other night, we had a really nice evening, all of us, on the couch, hanging out. Joe and I didn’t want to say anything because it was so calm, and everyone was really, really happy. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a lot more of those times.

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