We’re baaaaack!

You know when you meet someone, and you have a hard time remembering that he or she wasn’t in your life? Like, you think of an event and wonder where that person was in your memory at that moment, and then you realize that they weren’t even born yet, or you hadn’t met them. That’s kind of what it feels like with Remy right now.

We are so lucky to have such a happy girl. She is hysterical (I have no idea why we were blessed with such funny children, but let me tell you, it does NOT go unappreciated.). She loves a good dance party, shaking things, crawling (especially AWAY from Harvey who has not yet earned her good graces), snuggling, eating (she gets the BIGGEST grin on her face and starts pumping her arms when she sees her food), and her big brother. They are amazing together. That’s not to say that Elijah hasn’t had some rough moments mourning his loss as the MAIN EVENT (“When is Remy going back to Ethiopia?” “Um, never.”), but he loves to hug her and kiss her and feed her puffs and push her in the stroller.

He seems huge now. Whenever I pick him up or answer to the many requests for “Carry me, Mommy”, I am shocked by how big he is and how heavy. Carrying Remy around is like carrying a purse. Elijah just didn’t seem that big a few weeks ago. And he’s so solid and formed, like a real little person, instead of one of those flexy baby bodies.

The almost-week in Ethiopia was amazing. My mother-in-law was pretty much the best travel companion I could ask for. It was her first trip out of the country too! We are looking forward to going back as a family-but not for probably another 5 or 6 years. Remy did pretty awesome on the flights home, but I can safely say that I never want to do that trip again with an infant. My years long no-sick streak was broken this past week, and caring for 2 kids while hacking my guts out has been less than ideal. That being said, there are times when I look at everyone playing together (in my messy, messy house), with Remy pounding a pan on the floor and Elijah laughing at her and saying “But why she’s cute?”, with Harvey trying to lick Remy’s toes, face, anything within reach, and I think, “This is it. Our family is finally complete.” It feels really good.

I’ll write more when things calm down (hahahahah!). I remember before I had Elijah my To-Do list for the coming year looked something like this:

1. Finish 2nd Master’s Degree.
2. Write a novel.
3. Become fluent in Spanish.
4. Do a triathlon

Um, yeah, right. My To-Do list looks something like this now.

1. Get some sleep.
2. Catch up on episodes of Top Chef Just Desserts.
3. Eventually call my friends and family members.

Thank you to everyone who helped support us on this journey! xoxox

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4 Responses to We’re baaaaack!

  1. I am SO happy for you guys! What a beautiful story you have, and don’t worry about the to-do list. They have a way of getting rearranged/delayed/re-written. You will work it all out the way it’s meant to be. All the best to your beautiful family!

  2. Amy R. Cohen says:

    What a wonderful happy end/new beginning! And thank you so much for sharing this way. Love from all the Lynchburg Cohens

  3. bob teel says:

    Just checking out how things are going with you and the children, so happy things are wonderful for y’all, hana
    Can’t wait to get down to see everyone. Lots of love from Dad

  4. shannon says:

    Hey M! Catching up on lost time here . . . Remy is SO precious and such a beauty! I love reading about your sweet family! Thanks for sharing! xoxo

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