Here and There

We heard from the U.S. Embassy this week. We have a birth parent interview scheduled for next Thursday, which we are hoping is the very last hurdle before I fly over to get Remy. A wonderful couple from our travel group just got cleared to go over after their birth parent interview, giving many weary, low-on-hope parents some much needed good news.

Ever since we saw her picture and especially since we met her, I often think about what Remy is doing over there while we are carrying on over here. I always have to do the math in my head to get to Ethiopia time (+7 hours).  Is she eating? (What is she eating?) Is she asleep? Are she and the other babies in her room “gabbing” to each other?

From the Boynton Masterpiece "Moo, Bah, LaLaLa"

From the Boynton Masterpiece "Moo, Bah, LaLaLa"

Remy turns 1 on September 27th. A few months back I was so sure we would all be together by then. Now it’s looking like that’s almost definitely not going to happen. I cried several times this week thinking about it: would it be like every other day for her? Would anyone even notice? So heartbreaking to me, but seriously: one trip around the sun is not a journey to be taken lightly. My mom reminded me that 1-year-olds have no clue what their birthday is, and it’s so true. Elijah was like, “Mommy is always singing crazy songs to me, so? Oh wait, there’s ice cream? Okay, I can handle this.”


There will be lots of chances for celebration when Remy comes home. In the meantime, I think we will plan a little celebration in her honor anyways. Some might call that an excuse to decorate and eat ridiculously decadent cupcakes. To them, I say: “And?”

I don’t remember thinking much about what my parents did while I was at school.I mean, I knew my dad was at work, seeing patients and doing surgeries, and my mom was always running around bringing us the lunches we forgot (whoops!), volunteering, watching Days of Our Lives, etc. But Elijah is REALLY interested in what I do while he’s at school. He always asks what poses we are going to do in yoga class, which I find hysterical. I wonder how much he thinks about me when he’s at school. I hope not too much. The kids have outside play around the time I come and pick Elijah up. His teacher says every day, right around 12:30 (which is when I pick him up), he stops whatever he is playing and sits down by the gate where he can watch me come in. The teacher says she tries to get him to keep playing, but he says, “I’m waiting to see Mommy.” Today when he saw me, he literally climbed over the fence to get to me.

Daddy is on call tonight, and since Elijah went to bed and slept well all week, he is being rewarded with a sleepover with Mommy. That, coupled with a visit to Strasbourg Railroad for a Day Out with Thomas, might make this the best 48 hours that Elijah V. Teel has ever seen.

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2 Responses to Here and There

  1. Jenny says:

    Awwww. Sadness! Come home, Remy! Hang in there. She’ll be here soon. Since I never remember to send bday card on time, I will pretend that I got it just right when she gets there!

  2. Sara says:

    Sweetest blog award. Thinking of you.

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