It’s been a long one…

I remember during the first, oh, six months after Elijah was born , and I was existing on about 2 hours of sleep a night, and the days melded into the nights, and there didn’t seem to be point at which any unit of time actually ended, because eating and sleeping were all messed up, and I never could seem to stop and take a breath. I felt like I was taking steps both large and small from reality every moment.

That’s kind of what this snail-paced, rainy week felt like as I waited anxiously to hear from the U.S. Embassy regarding our case.

The silence has been torture, but the silver lining has been the optimism and support from the members of our CHI group. Although I am Jewish and very happily so, it has been inspirational to see the way that many of the CHI families have responded to these tough waiting times with psalms and scriptures. Jews don’t really quote the Bible the way that Christians do (at least the ones that I hang out with don’t), but I wanted to find some way to show my own hope, as well as my appreciation for the words of encouragement for others.

So here’s my list of things and people I am thankful for this week:
*A community of supportive adoptive parents who are truly looking out for each other and cheering each other on, despite the fact that we are all frustrated, disappointed, and just want to bring our kids home
*a husband who is calm, caring, and a wonderful listener when I flip out several times a day about the absurdity of this situation

*a son whose face lights up when he sees me arrive at his preschool to pick him up, whose endless chatter, love of being tickled, and deliciously squeezy hugs are just the things to keep me going
*family and dear friends that remain positive and who reassure me that Meskerem will come home

*that my daughter is being well-loved and cared for by people who think she is “perfect” and who delight in her presence
*that friends and family have been largely unharmed by all the recent craziness on the planet (earthquakes, floods, etc)
*a job that gives me something interesting to do besides refreshing my email
*the chocolate chai truffles that have served as wonderful stress food this past week

I wish everyone a wonderful, restful, and happy weekend.

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1 Response to It’s been a long one…

  1. Kati says:

    How did I miss your blog? I really enjoyed your post and even as I write this, I’m thinking, “man, I could go for some of Marnie’s hilarious matter of fact kinda personality! You are a bright part to everything dull that we are enduring. Can’t wait to dance around the house out of pure joy when we hear that it is YOUR turn to bring your baby girl home 🙂 Have a great night!

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