Spotlight Stealer

"Hey Harvey!"

"Lemme get a little closer to ya!"

"That's more like it!"

"TA DA!!!"

A fun week in the Fogelson/Teel household, and yet uneventful on the adoption front. We are all going crazy (there are about 10 families in the exact same situation as us), but hopefully will hear something (good) next week. Fingers, eyes, toes, crossed.

Hurricane Irene was not as treacherous as we had feared, and we even managed to squeeze in a fun birthday party for his friend Noah. I cannot tell you the amount of love and pride I felt for that little soul as I watched him sing “Happy Birthday, dear Noah!” with all his heart, and then carefully tuck into his piece of birthday cake.

Elijah loved the fact that he got to sleep in Mommy’s room (“I’m so excited I get to sleep next to Mommy”) during the storm. We had about 1/2 of our power, but still managed to have a good time around the house.


The weekend’s excitement was followed by Elijah’s first week at PIC, which even ended with a field trip down to Penn’s Landing. He talked about it all week long, and he was so excited today that he couldn’t take it, and finally said, “We have to go now, Mommy. I want to go sooo badly”.

To give you an idea of how seriously he wanted to go, he WILLINGLY put on his PIC shirt. Thomas and Curious George got the day off (well, Curious George got tagged when we came home for naptime). I got to accompany the kiddos- they are a really cute group.

Reading before the field trip

Waiting for the #21

Elijah was not so psyched with walking around Penn’s Landing, but he got the ultimate Elijah compliment from his teachers, who said he was a wonderful bus rider and that he really seemed to know his way around the 21 and the 42.

We’re excited to have Daddy home for the long weekend! Happy Birthday, Nana! We hope we get to celebrate with you soon! Happy Labor Day all, and please send happy, cheerful thoughts to the folks at the US Embassy!

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