The Adventures Continue

It’s been a busy few weeks. We went to Nini and PawPaw’s house for a long weekend. Highlights for Elijah included: playing for hours and hours with his grandparents, Kangaroo Jac’s, the Children’s Museum of Richmond, and (surprise) chocolate ice cream outings at Deluca Gelato.

Elijah is obsessed with these apples. Obsessed.

Elijah is obsessed with these apples. Obsessed.

Running after scarves. I love his facial expression.

Highlights for me included: being surprised with a baby shower for Remy by my three dear friends Courtney, Lindsey, and Katherine (thanks again, ladies!!), witnessing Elijah climb to the ceiling at Kangaroo Jac’s and realizing I will have a rock-climbing buddy soon,

I don't think he's afraid of heights.

and getting to eat Pearl’s cupcakes (TWICE!). It was a delicious, decadent weekend. Thanks, Nini and PawPaw!

When we got back, we visited Elijah’s new school, which looks GREAT, and went to the Academy of Natural Sciences. Elijah breezed pass his Mommy’s favorite part (the dinosaurs), but we found lots of other places to visit. Every time we saw a diorama, Elijah went “Look at THAT!” even if he had no idea what it was.

He also got to pet a bunny,

was very concerned this monkey did not have a blankie and looked “sad” so he fashioned a lovey out of a nearby pelt (ew)

He looks much happier now, Elijah.

and play golf (it was an environmental themed golf course).

Look out, Tiger Woods (I don't know the names of any other golfers)

He loved the golf course so much, we played two times, and I think he would have stayed there forever if I hadn’t told him about the butterfly exhibit.

Our file was submitted to the US Embassy, so we are one step closer to getting our travel dates. Fingers crossed that it goes smoothly and quickly! Now, gearing up for the hurricane…Good luck, everyone!

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